Jeep Gladiator L.A. Auto Show Reveal in just 14 minutes

– [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, head of Jeep brand North
America, Tim Kuniskis. (clapping) – Good morning and
welcome to the Jeep tent. I know you’re expecting
me to come out here, stand on this stage, and tell you
you’re going to see something that the world’s never seen before. But the truth is, I’m
gonna show you something that the Jeep brand offered from 1947 practically continuously until 1992. Whether you called it a
Forward Control or a Gladiator, a Scrambler or a Comanche,
what you had was a Jeep truck, and we think it’s time for
Jeep to have a truck again, because each time Jeep adds a
new product to its portfolio, it introduces new buyers
to this legendary brand. All the while, maintaining our position at the front line of
the SUV battle ground. Mike Manley barely had the cover
off the Wrangler last year, and people were already
asking, what about the truck. This brand has the most
vocal fan base on Earth, and they’ve been prodding us through every imaginable channel for years. Look, this brand hasn’t grown
by bringing a segment to Jeep. No, we’re growing my
bringing Jeeps to a segment, and that’s where the truck comes in. Because as you know, the
SUV segments, have only been rivaled by the fast-growing
midsize truck segment. This segment has doubled in
just the last four years, and we see it growing to well over a half million deliveries
in the next few years, and the great news for
Jeep is that these buyers that are fueling this growth are looking for much more than fashion statements. They’re looking for real
trucks; serious hardware that delivers, and luckily
thanks to the success of Ram, we know what it takes to
compete in these fiercely loyal highly competitive truck segments. The Jeep vehicle, it’s
backing up a promise. Jeep has always been
there for its faithful. Faithfully delivering what
they wanted from us, freedom. The ability to go anywhere,
do anything, the opportunity to take whichever road they choose, to get to wherever they want to go. They wanted something that
could keep up with them on the work day and on the
week end, and to do that we owed those who counted on us more than four doors,
more than five seats. Those restless adventurers
needed more than a bed even, and at a certain point,
we didn’t need research to tell us what they
needed; to go into battle, to take the hill, and to
take their toys with them. This brand knew all along,
they needed a Gladiator. (dramatic music) – [Male voice] Listen to me. Learn from me. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd, and
you’ll win your freedom. (dramatic music rising) – [Male Voice] I will win the crowd. I’ll give them something
they’ve never seen before. (loud dramatic music) (crunching noises) (ice breaking) (dramatic music) This is the answer to what happens… (clapping) when Jeep builds a truck. This is the all new Jeep Gladiator. This is the most anticipated
Jeep product in recent history, and it’s worth the
nearly three decade wait. Gladiator is 100% truck,
100% Jeep, and 100% original. For people who embrace the
freedom of an adventure filled life, Gladiator is the only
truck on the planet, that gives consumers the legendary
Jeep 4 by 4 capability, Best in Class towing and payload,
and an open air experience that draws you into the adventure, instead of just being a passenger. From the fold down aluminum
frame windshield, to the removable aluminum doors, to
the unique storage solutions, everything about Gladiator
is unlike any other, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Inside your gonna find
everything that allowed the new Wrangler to earn
accolades, and set sales records. And we know that our
drivers want the disconnect from society, but still stay
connected to technology, and with our new fourth generation Uconnect system, they can. We also leveraged FCA’s
relationship with Apple to provide the latest
generation of Apple CarPlay, and if you’re an Android user, we have you completely covered to with Android Auto. Everything about the interior
of the Gladiator is designed to encourage you to get
out there and when you do, you have more than just
your toys with you. We’ve even added a detachable
Bluetooth wireless speaker, and all this new technology
isn’t just for fun. The Gladiator arrives
with over 80 standard and available safety
and security features. We’ve come along way from
the grab bar on the old CJ. Blind spot monitoring,
adaptive cruise control with full stop, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency breaking,
Gladiator was engineered from the ground up to
be a remarkable truck. We set out to deliver a
truck that’s nothing short of Best in Class, with the
capability to tow 7,650 pounds and carry 1600 pounds,
because we know our customers have no shortage of gear
and an abundant desire to take it with them to
places that only Jeep can go, for that, the versatility
of a bed was a natural fit, and as Mark Allen puts it,
Jeep and truck go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, and Guns N’ Roses (light laughter) And speaking of things of
things that just naturally go together, remember I
said there were four main purchase drivers in the
midsize truck segment, any guess what the last one is? Well I left it for last,
because it’s not just core to this vehicle, it’s core
to the entire Jeep brand. The fourth purchase driver
is four wheel drive, and if there’s one thing
that Gladiator gives access to the truck segment by
birthright it’s 4 by 4 capability. Each and every one is trail rated. Each and every one has
four wheel drive, standard. This is and always has been
a brand that backs it up at Hell’s Gate or on Lion’s Back in Moab, on the trails that few dare to tread. There’s always been only
one, and when it comes to taking capability and
those that count on it to new heights, there’s
one name that was born to put the trails on
notice, you’ll find it on the hoods of legends everywhere. It’s more than a trim level,
it’s a word that stands for taking capability to the next level, and now you’ll also find
it on the hood of this. (rock music) (clapping) This is the all new
Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. Whether buttoned up or opened
up, what you have right here is the most capable midsize truck ever. It’s a bold statement, but backed up by some serious hardware: Dana 44’s front and rear, with 4:10 gears, Rock Trac Transfer Case
with 84 to 1 Crawl Ratio, proprietary Fox shocks,
electronic front and rear lockers, electronic disconnecting sway
bar, high clearance fenders, 33 inch tires, steel rock
rails protecting the cab and the bed, steel bumpers
with removable end caps, a functional vented hood,
off road performance pages, and a forward facing trail camera. Now some of this may sound familiar from the Wrangler Rubicon, but
we’ve also added something that Jeep has never done before. We added a high speed, off road
calibration that allows you to keep the front sway bar
connected, unlock the front differential while electronically
locking the rear, giving you the ultimate in high speed
traction in dirt and sand. And regardless of whether you opt – [Fan] whoop
– for the Rubicon, thank you, the Overland or the
Sport, you’ll be powered by the 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar. This latest iteration of our
award winning power plant, gives you a six percent
improvement of fuel economy. And next year, we’ll add the 3
liter EcoDiesel to the option list, providing a earth chewing
442 pound feet of torque to power you through anything, or just effortlessly
spin a new set of 40’s. Like its Wrangler brother, the
Gladiator was designed to do. Everything about Gladiator is
about doing and delivering. No wonder it’s styled to
be both bold and iconic. It has all the capability to
stand out both on the beach and in the sea of sameness. And like the Commandos
and Honchos and Comanches, that carved a path for it, Gladiator has a presence all its own. Dressed or naked, it doesn’t matter. This new Jeep arrives with a capability and pedigree unlike any other. This is a vehicle that
was born to be a benchmark that can’t be measured,
because when Jeep brings a truck to market, the
only thing that it needs to measure up to is itself. Thank you.