[Brap] So for those who follow me on Instagram I had posted a pool asking you if you wanted me to repaint the 205 and the votes were very tight but there were 5 more answers for yes Let’s start that right now! We’re gonna do that outside, the African way, because that’s all we have. We just blew away the pine needles and let’s start with sanding. Hello!! Here I am! [Epic music] Ummm… Sorry. I’ll get back into it and do it the proper way. There you go…Always be gentle. So we’re done with sanding I started with the 80 grain before using the 280 grain by hand to finish Second step: cleaning Some air to blow away most of it, and then an alcohol rag in order to remove the grease and welcome the new paint. [epic music] And now it’s time for the ultimate step Avalon King offered me their body protection product This is the Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating So what is it about? It’s a treatment made of ceramic, the nanos of which are so small that they create a much smoother coating than a body varnish. That very smooth surface will give very very few grip to the treated area So the car is way less dirty and stays clean much longer. We will test it later You want some of it too? Here is a non-treated area: you can see the water adheres to the body. Yes, not so good. And now a treated area: It’s much better now. A bit like a fish in the sea. Oh and… it’s really tough. There you go, so if you’re interested the link of the product is in the description down below. It’s already the end of the video. A BIG thank you for watching it all If you liked it, please feel free to share it and to subscribe if you have not already! If you don’t, I’ll come and spray your car.