Jant Nasıl Boyanır ? [English Subtitled]

Hello everybody, And welcome to Cardeş channel Today we are taking second video for our information video series. And our winter tyres, wheel cubs has a lot of scratches on paint. like here. And also paint looking old. So, we want to paint it. old paint has matte finish black,but today painting it to piano black colour We bought this Motip Carat black spray paint. another material is an isopropyl alcohol which also known as IPA. You can find it on many store. This is the 100% rate, not mixture with water. But you can mixture it %50 with water. Wiping towel for wiping the isopropyl alcohol I washed this wheel and it is now clean I washed it with scotch-brite and you can use this green side as a sandpaper, if you dont have a sandpaper. We are using the isopropyl alcohol for the clean everything on surface like grease and fingerprints. etc.. and these are dameges the painted surface We can start now. isopropyl alcohol evaporation itselfs, before I wiping it. As you can see. I painted yestreday one of these wheel cubs for the trying. so, under the wheels,the floor is black. 🙂 If you paint the surface in a cold weather, you should take this paint in warm water. But you dont need to do it in summer days. here is 28.6 degress celcius. it is normal temperature for painting. You can shake it three minutes. You should spray the paint about the 25-30cm from the surface first coat isn’t important, only you need the covering the surface with thin paint. Now. we can start the first coat. starting spray the paint in outside of the wheel and finished it outside. and this is looks good paint on the surface not much paint in one side. You should spray it in different angels. And health is our priority I am using mask and glove. This is very important part of this job. First coat was finished and we can wait the 15 minutes for the second coat. I am starting the second coat. And this is slower than the first coat. for covering the entire surface. Second coat wa finished we can wait another 15 minutes. I put the bottle of spray paint in warm water because of paint was decreased. and wiping the water on spray battle for dont dripping on painting surface. shaking the bottle for easily to use paint.the first trying to paint wheels I used so much paint. :)) finished the last coat, I added some pictures to video And this is the so easy, you can also do it yourself. Thank you for the watching, You can also click subscribe button for more videos. see you soon my friends, goodbye. 🙂