Is Buick making a Focus RS fighter? Cartoon Car News – the Car Truth Report

Is there a new Ford Focus RS fighter coming
from the same company that brought us the Skylark and the LeSabre?  Is the new Buick Regal GS going to be good
enough to help me get over being mad at them for not making the Avista?  Find out on today’s episode of the Car
Truth Report. What is it about the new Regal GS that allows
us to even use it in the same sentence as the already legendary the Ford Focus RS?  The short answer is the new 8 speed, twin
clutch AWD gearbox made by the same company that makes the Focus RS’s gearbox, GKN.  It should be noted, that the transmissions
are similar, but the Focus only comes with a 6 speed manual, and the GTS only going to
come with a 8 speed automatic.  Still this GKN AWD gearbox differs from
most of your regular transverse engine AWD setups that in a few ways.  First off, your traditional or haldex AWD
systems that are slapped onto your average FWD car, work by putting all of the power
to the front wheels until the they start slipping, then some torque goes to the back wheels.  This can lead to a car that feels basically
like a FWD car under everything but the worst driving conditions.  Also most of your Haldex AWD systems are
based on your traditional automatic “slushbox” style gearbox, while the new GKN transmission
utilizes a twin clutch design, like you are used to seeing in BMWs, Porsches and the like.  The GS should shift very fast, and smooth. The transmission is apparently where the similarities
between the Focus RS and Regal GS end.  The Regal GS will be fitted with a 310 horsepower
3.6L naturally aspirated V6 that can also be found in the Camaro, ATS, and CTS, as opposed
to the turbocharged 350 hp 2.3L 4 cylinder found in the RS.   The next major difference between the new
Regal GS and the Focus RS would be the wheelbase.  The Focus RS has a short 104.3” wheelbase
while the GS is based on the E2 XX platform on which are based cars like the Impala or
LaCrosse, and will likely have a wheelbase of around 114”.   The heavier engine, and the longer wheelbase
will ensure that the Regal GS will never be as nimble in autocross style driving as a
Focus RS, but should be a little more predictable in high speed cornering.  Another thing that the new Buick will have
going for it is what they call Continuous Damping Control, which sounds an awful lot
like GM’s famed on-the-fly adjustable Magnetic Dampers found on such greats as the CTS, Camaro,
and Corvette.  Details on this last point are limited at
this time.  So be sure to subscribe, because when we
get more info on the new Buick Regal GTS, we will be putting out another video! So if it’s not a direct competitor to the
Focus RS, then who’s the new Regal GS going after?  Audi, BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac?  Because at this point the Regal GS seems
more like a capable GT car, than a fun little roust-about.  Let us know in the comments, and tell us
what you think about this new sporty Buick, man, sporty Buick, that still feels weird
to say.