IoT Success Story: Fort Telecom relies exclusively on Gemalto for ERA-GLONASS and eCall solutions

Hi. I´m Vladimir Makarenko Development Director
of Fort Telekom company. We´re from Russia. And we are a producer of different electronical
equipment. First of all, we produce ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems. You know emergency call systems. And we supply to more than 60 different car
makers worldwide using Gemalto modules inside. First of all, our customers are producers
of commercial vehicles like MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Renault and others. In 2010, when we developed the first eCall
device. Actually, the first eCall device for national
eCall system in the world. There was only one GSM-Module that met all the ERA-GLONASS and eCall requirements back then – it was AHS2. So, today for us this is the most important
part of our devices. And we have really good experiences of this
module. And in our new device, we´re planning to
use EHS5 – the new generation of eCall GSM Modules from Gemalto. When you are the first company in the world,
who develop something you´re obviously always faced with a lot of problems, issues and this
is always a big challenge. For us Gemalto was and not only was – they
are our main partner in this project. Because the technical support from Gemalto
with acoustics tests, with GSM module-tests during the certification of the product. I guess this is the main thing that Gemalto
gave to us. You know, for me IoT, first of all, this is
the connected car market. We´re a company which produces different things
for cars. And I understand that connected cars this is the biggest part of IoT for the next 2 or 3years. So, we can see a huge opportunity to create
some devices which can change the world and we love to do it – to create it. And we´re happy to be a part of these solutions
that really change the world. I mean autonomous vehicles and connected cars. So its really great. Thanks Gemalto for these days. It was really great and like great support
and great event. Thank you very much!