Inverted Power and Free Conveyor for Automotive Parts

SPRAYCON INC. uses a Pacline inverted power
and free conveyor to provide a highly efficient robotic spray paint system for automotive
parts. Spraycon has been in business for 15 years.
Typical customers are the automotive industry. And what we do is turnkey systems.
So we develop design total systems for spray applications which could be paint, it could
be 1 K systems, it could be 2 K systems or it could be gluing operations. Although PACLINE Power and Free conveyors
are typically used in the overhead orientation with parts hanging below the track, this system
was designed using the conveyor in the inverted slot position. This complete finishing system occupies only
600 square feet and requires just a single operator. Having the power and free conveyor inverted
and floor mounted provides better ergonomics for the operator who loads and unloads these
25 lb parts. The parts being handled through this finishing
line are machined engine parts that require spot painting on 7 precise points. Infrared ovens, used in applications such
as these, are smaller, less expensive and far more energy efficient compared to conventional
curing ovens. Custom carriers were designed for easy loading
and unloading of parts and stability in transport. Shrouding was added by the integrator around
the power and free conveyor track for improved operator safety. Pacline’s power and free conveyor was selected
for this system as it allows for non-synchronous conveying. This means that the load-carrying
trolley sets can stop and start independently from the powered chain. Incorporating a robotic paint system allows
for very precise and efficient spot painting with very little overspray. In this system there were 4 zones that needed
to operate independently: • part loading
• spray painting • curing
• and unloading. With our power and free conveyor, parts can
be close-packed and accumulated between zones without stopping or slowing the process. This
is one of the features that makes power and free conveying different from typical continuous
or synchronous conveying systems. In this application, the customer required
a cycle time of 1 part per 80 seconds. This rate ooutput would not have been possible
with a continuous conveyor loop. This SPRAYCON system with PACLINE’s inverted
power and free conveyor resulted in a compact and highly efficient paint finishing line.