Internal Frame Coating – Prevent Rust IN Your Chassis – from Eastwood

next product we have is our internal
frame coding what this is this is a chemical actually convert encapsulate
the corrosion it’s on the interior surface of the frame now that you’ve
blasted treated the exterior you don’t want the inside to continue to rust and
be structural issues or potential rust-through and pink failure thoroughly
shaken till the ball start traveling freely for your elbow hurts what we have
on the end of our extension tube here is a machine brass diffuser what we have is
orphans in here which is designed to radially direct the product and what
I’ll do is I’ll show you here spraying external of the frame that’s the foggy that’s going to happen
on the inside of your frame so you can see this is a very innovative product
which will allow you to coat all of those areas very quickly and easily
simply slip it into any of the boltholes lightning holes that you have here and
can you to continue to apply the product moving around any areas where you can
you get a flashlight you can see in there continue to apply it into the frame so
you’re sure you got all the areas covered in know if you can see it on the
film what’s nice is we got some of the dripping out some of the scenes that’s
good it means we got complete saturation in that area we’re going to do is go
back here to the end of the frame now anybody working on any of these cars
that’s 25 plus years old you’re going to have corrosion inside the frame there
was no treatment that we’re done from the factory so this is one of the
products that the must-have for any restoration or even partial restoration
now we’re going to do is take the camera and try and shine inside of that frame
leg there so you can see this coating