Intempora TechDAY 2018

Intempora was founded in 2000, based on research works performed at the Center of Robotics of Mines ParisTech. We have celebrated its 10 years anniversary and this year we are celebrating its 18 years old. The company has reached its majority 🙂 and I am really delighted to welcome our partners and customers. we chose to organize this event in order
to gather mainly our customers and allow them to learn about our latest news in
terms of products and roadmaps around RTMaps but also a first technical
preview of IVS – Intempora Validation Suite this is also the occasion for them
to meet several partners of ours who came in order to show some presentations to exhibit and to demonstrate vehicles as well and this
allows to demonstrate the complementarity and the ecosystem around Intempora in terms of algorithms and complementary products and services. P3 is an engineering consulting firm and
it focuses on offering services from strategy consultancy all the way to
technical delivery developing proof of concepts and engineering solutions for autonomous driving. We are working on prototype vehicles so we are integrating components or prototype systems for our customers in order to realize test campaigns and especially we have expertise in embedded measurements, when we do test it is really important to collect data from the vehicle. Since a while, and that’s why we are pleased to be a member of Groupement ADAS with Intempora, we are working more and more on sensors, autonomous driving applications and ADAS systems.