Insane $500,000 Holographic Lamborghini Aventador

COMM: Supercar enthusiast Steve Feldman is back in Tokyo to test drive yet another incredible
customised car. COMM: A jaw-dropping Lamborghini Aventador Anniversary Roadster, but this isn’t just
any Lamborghini. The astonishing anniversary model comes with increased engine power, new
engine calibration, extended front air intakes and an aerodynamic splitter, as well as a
new enlarge diffuser and improved engine ventilation. COMM: And if that wasn’t enough, the car has been fitted with over $30,000 worth of
custom lights and a holographic vinyl wrap. COMM: LED light customisation is becoming more common in Japan and this awesome supercar
is completely covered with them. COMM: Altogether it’s worth over half a million dollars and has top speed of up to
217mph, getting to 60 in less than 3 seconds. COMM: Test driving it around Tokyo at night provided the perfect backdrop to showcase
this awe-inspiring car.