Infiniti QX50 Returns for 2019 With True Luxury Cred —

we’re here with the 2019 Infiniti qx50
now the qx50 was last sold as a 2017 model it took 2018 off to retool and in
his back for 2019 with a brand new wheelbase which expands a car adding
interior and cargo room now the qx50 looks similar to the qx60
the actual easiest way to tell it apart is the sharp line found on the hood now
if we head towards the back you’ll see that kink in the rear pillar and that’s
sort of an infinity signature that throat carries throughout all their SUVs
inside there big changes well includes a large leap forward in cabin materials
now the old qx50 it was nice inside but it wasn’t what you would call luxurious
the new one is definitely that with things like quilted leather and this
suede accents found on the center console now it might not be my style but
that’s gonna be a personal preference thing what is sure is it’s much nicer in
here than it was before the new wheelbase also helps you to exert if you
to overcome one with all weaknesses the previous version only had 18 point six
cubic feet of cargo room that’s now expanded to 30 1.6 cubic feet which is a
70% increase infiniti says you can actually fit three golf bags back here
which is a good amount of room for a vehicle of this size one of the
strengths of the old version they took 50 was its price it started at right
around $35,000 the new one will probably be significantly more than that given
the upgrades in space and materials but we won’t know that until infinity
releases pricing information closer to its release date which we also don’t
know you