Incredibly Strong Vehicles To Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

– [Narrator] How many zombie-centric films and series are you familiar with? With the popularity of 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and others,
it’s easy to get paranoid that a zombie plague is near. Now don’t worry, you’re not alone! Manufacturers genuinely
share that feeling, or just pure enthusiasm for the thought, so much they’ve created
zombie-proof vessels to prepare for it! Here are our top 10 best vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse. (bells chiming)
– Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10:
Motoped Survival Bike When zombies sprawl everywhere
and all hell breaks loose, you need to quickly escape. And sometimes the open road
might not be such a great idea. Good thing Motoped created
their Survival Bike, which is exactly as it sounds,
a bike built for survival. It can navigate through rough terrain that normal vehicles can’t conquer, and has a primary fuel tank with two optional rear-side
mounted fuel tanks. That means you can ride up to 400 miles without stopping for a fill-up! Another great addition to this bike is the universal rack
that can be installed with anything you can think of. You could attach storage
for food and water, or, if you’re in a dangerous area, you can add a receptacle for your guns. Now that’s badass! Number Nine: GIBBS Quadski
Amphibious 4-Wheel Drive When you’re on land, there’s a huge chance you’ll bump into a zombie sooner or later. But have you heard of a swimming zombie? Exactly, neither have I. This is precisely why the GIBBS Quadski Amphibious 4-Wheel Drive is a great getaway vehicle
when the time comes. It can reach speeds of up to
45 miles per hour on land, and that’s not a speed
zombies are known to achieve. But when you run out of
roads and reach the water, that’s when it truly shines. This amphibious automobile
can instantly become buoyant in just seconds! With just a few presses,
the wheels are tucked in, and the hull is built to remain afloat. And the good news is just like on land, it can also reach a speed
of 45 miles per hour. So even if zombies can swim,
they will be much slower than running on land, so this vehicle will be perfect to get you
out of harm’s way quickly! Number Eight: PAL-V Liberty Flying Car While swimming zombies
is a debatable idea, one thing is for certain,
they definitely can’t fly! So the safest, most scenic
route away from danger will be to take it to the skies! With the PAL-V Liberty Flying Car, that’s no longer impossible to do. You can drive through roads or glide through the air with ease. You won’t need runways for it to take off because its size is
similar to regular cars, so the roads are more than sufficient. Once you’re up in the air,
you can simply wave goodbye to the zombies on land! Now, what if there’s turbulent weather? Flying is a bad idea, right? No worries, because this vehicle can run on roads at up to
160 kilometers per hour. Once you’re in the clear,
you can simply fly again! Switching between flying and traveling on the road has never been so easy. Number Seven: WaterCar Panther The first three automobiles
are fine and all, but they’re missing one thing: capacity. They can only carry at most two riders, so what if you have more people with you? Do you do rock-paper-scissors
to see who gets left behind? Fortunately, the WaterCar
Panther allows you to have more people onboard. Imagine a Jeep CJ-8 that can
travel both on land and water, and that’s this impressive vehicle. On land it can reach speeds
of up to 80 miles per hour, and then it could transition to lakes and be as quick as 44 miles per hour. This makes it the fastest
amphibious vehicle to date! Since it is relatively bigger and bulkier compared to the first three, the WaterCar has a chassis made of chromoly steel
to address weight issues. Also, advanced composites
ensure strength and toughness are in place, so you’re
safe with this one. Number Six: Customized
Hyundai Zombie-Proof Car So far we’ve been talking about getting away from zombies and the vehicles that will help you do that. But what if you’re the type of person that wants to face the horde head on? If that’s you, then
this customized Hyundai is going to be the car of your dreams. This was based on a Hyundai Elantra Coupe, with tons of modifications,
that allows you to mow down the opposition. For starters, the bumper is covered with a spiked cowcatcher, allowing you to drive straight
into crowds of zombies. If you didn’t aim well but they
are somewhere at your sides, the wheels have extended blades that will easily decapitate them. And even if there’s an
extremely slim chance that they climb on the vehicle, you’re protected by metal bars. Just shake them off and then
let the carnage continue! Now that we’re half way through the video, take a guess at this question: What country do you think
this scary vehicle is from? You’ll kick yourself for not getting it. It looks like something from Mad Max, so stay tuned at the end
when I’ll reveal the answer! Number Five: Ripsaw Luxury Tank If you want to stay
stylish and never get stuck during a zombie apocalypse, the Ripsaw Luxury Tank is what you need. The most unique thing about
this tank is its construction. Standard tanks are slow and heavy, but this one is different. Because of its lightweight
yet sturdy materials, it can move at incredible speeds that no other tank has achieved before. As a matter of fact, this luxury vehicle is so great that it was used in the movie Fate of the Furious. In this film, audiences saw how virtually indestructible it is and it still reached speeds
of up to 60 miles per hour! It doesn’t pale in firepower either, so you have two choices:
shoot zombies or trample them! Number Four: Paramount Group Marauder If you’ve been watching The Walking Dead, you’ll know that zombies
are not your only enemies. Sometimes other people are against you, so you need to arm yourself! If you have the Paramount Group Marauder, you will have nothing to worry about. It has blast protection
that can even withstand 8 kilos of TNT exploding under its hull. It even has enough storage
space for water and extra fuel, allowing you to be unconstrained by fuel. Moreover, with correct installation, you can make this vehicle combat-ready, whether against zombies or
other people who will harm you. Another great thing about it is it can carry up to 10 passengers inside. That means you keep more people safe from the zombie apocalypse, and you have the capacity to fight back if needed. This makes you unstoppable and capable of surviving the chaos! Number Three: Dartz Prombron Black Shark A zombie apocalypse would be chaotic. Now, what if you could
turn invisible for years and just wait for the
disaster to die down? If you have a hefty amount of cash on you, the Black Shark can make that happen. It has the moniker, “the real
spy car of the 21stcentury,” and for good reason! This luxurious vehicle boasts electro-chromatic privacy windows, disappearing door handles
with shock devices imbedded, a blast-proof body, and a signal jammer. But the greatest appeal of this automobile is what’s inside. It has a champagne holder
for your alcoholic beverages, entertainment setup with a PS4 and an Xbox One, and a
built-in LTE hotspot! And those are just a few features that will definitely make you forget what’s going on outside! Number Two: Sportsmobile
Ultimate Adventure Vehicle Surviving is one thing,
actually living your life despite the zombie apocalypse is another. So how do you do the latter? With your family, of course! The Sportsmobile Ultimate
Adventure Vehicle will allow you to have that experience. To help you escape the
rampant zombie hoards, it is capable of serious off-road driving, and has open-road fuel-economy built-in. This means you can get farther
from danger with less fuel. We’ve got the escaping part down, now it’s the living part. This vehicle can carry
all paraphernalia needed for outdoor living without
being too cramped up inside. Once you’ve picked a safe spot, simply whip out what you need
and it is time to set up camp. But just have someone
keep a watchful eye out, just to be sure! If you made it this far, I’m going to bet you enjoyed this video,
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could have filled your brain! Now lets get back to it. Number One: Mercedes-Benz
Zetros 6×6 Expedition This is considered the
ultimate survival fortress on wheels for a lot of compelling reasons. Maneuver-wise, it can weather any terrain thanks to its six-wheel build. Its low-ratio gearing
and differential locks also provide stability
during steep descents on rough terrain, so
you know you’ll be safe and capable of moving away
from zombie-concentrated areas. But the impressive part is inside. Its equipped with a bathroom
with marble flooring and heating, a comfortable bedroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen! It even has a 46-inch flat screen and wireless router
for your entertainment. Safety isn’t an issue
because it has a gun safe, so you can protect yourself. That’s luxury and safety all in one! Now, time for that bonus vehicle. It is called the Russian Dragon Truck, which is obviously from Russia! Trust the Russians to come
up with something like this. This modified truck is
incredibly intimidating. It carries what appears to be
a large container for fuel, so it could continue moving for years. Now turn your attention to the bumper. Is this something you’d
like to mess around with? The cowcatcher can easily mow down hordes of zombies in just one go! Here’s a vehicle for the zombie apocalypse that won’t be stopped either by low fuel or zombies in its path! Which vehicle did you
think was the most amazing? Is there any automobile out there that you feel should
have been in this video? Let me know on the comments down below. Thanks for watching! (bells chime)