Importance of Not Overfilling Gas Tank – Costly Automotive Repairs

Charles: Hello i’m Charles with the Proctor Dealerships and today we’ll talk about the importance of not overfilling your gas tank in order
to save you money and maintain proper vehicle performance. Sometimes in an
attempt to get the most gas in the tank for a long trip or take advantage of low
gas prices. We top off the tank, unfortunately this can cause serious
problems for you and the vehicle down the road. You see the gas pumping system was designed to stop at a certain gas level, this ensures that the gas stays
inside the tank and not spilled on the ground or around the gas tank opening, at a certain point gas can no longer be filled into the tank when this happens, back flow occurs, sending the unused gas back into the gas station which can cause damage
to the station’s pumping systems and leave you paying for the unused gas. The
excess fuel can also leak into the gas tank’s coal canister and this could damage the life of the canister, replacing it therefore could cost you anywhere from
200 to $1500. A good working coal canister is important because not only
does it decrease air pollution by trapping harmful gas vapors, it also
increases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by recycling those vapors back into
the combustion process. The best rule of thumb when the pump stops, you stop. We hope
this information helps, again I’m Charles with Proctor Dealerships, please ask any
questions in the comments below and click Like and subscribe to see more
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