Hyundai Motor resumes automobile production in China after supply cut-off

Earlier this week, Seoul and Beijing’s tension
built over the deployment of a missile defense system in the peninsula,… spilled over to
South Korea’s biggest automaker… forcing Hyundai assembly lines in China to come to
a grinding halt. But as of today, the factories are up and
running again. Lee Jeong-yeon give us the updates. As of Tuesday, Hyundai Motor’s production
in China is back in full swing. The local supplier that had stopped delivering
plastic fuel tanks due to late payments has resumed shipments of the part. The automaker has seen a massive drop in sales
in China so far this year. From January to July, Hyundai sold around
350-thousand vehicles in China, down 41 percent from the 600-thousand or so units it sold
last year. This comes amid tensions between Seoul and
Beijing over the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. Four out of the five Hyundai plants in China
had stopped production, three in Beijing and one in Hebei Province, with the fifth plant
yet to even start operations. Hyundai Motor’s Chinese factories have a combined
production capacity of 1.4 million cars a year. Industry watchers say that the company can
do little but sit back and endure these setbacks until the diplomatic row is resolved… when
it can hopefully bounce back. Lee Jeong-yeon, Arirang News.