HP Multi Jet Fusion & HP 3D HR PA 11 Help Bowman International With Design | 3D Printing | HP

what we’ve been able to do is address designs that haven’t really changed for over a century and bring 3d printing in and actually massively improve those designs Bowman is a bearing company we distribute manufacture bearings for the entire berry industry and industrial distribution sector we started using 3d printing about three years ago when we started developing these products and realising what could be done with 3d printing for us the multi jet fusion process was a massive step forward in terms of outputs the number of parts we could make and the the isotropic properties so having the same mechanical properties throughout the part with designing for mjf we’re able to design for the optimal product rather than being limited in the geometries we can create so we’re actually able to make the perfect bearing cage in our instance so for SPI xi was the obvious choice because it has slightly better mechanical properties impact resistance which is important for us and the elongation of break and generally just a slightly higher grade engineering material by using the MGF cage where it will take the entire bearings load capacity to 30 or 40 or even 50 percent higher three to five times the life of a traditional bearing there’s not a product on the market that comes close to the performance we can get from our product for us having the technical support and backup from the HP service engineers is essential to make sure that we can keep our production system running 24/7 for Bowman we see an enormous future with using mjf technology what we’re doing with 3d printing opens up a whole new world of possibilities the bearing industry just on its own is an enormous industry with tens of thousands millions of products every year which could benefit from implementing exactly what we’ve done already with split roller bearings you you