How To Wash Vinyl Wrapped Vehicles – Nissan GT-R R32- Chemical Guys

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today we’ve got this awesome Nissan GT-R R32
in the shop. This is a car you don’t see everyday and we’re
definitely privileged to work on it. It’s covered in this blue textured wrap it’s
got all these brush strokes. This is something we don’t want to add any
additional scratches or swirls to so we’re going to give it a foam bath. Now what a foam bath does is add extra lubrication
to the wash process to reduce the chance of scratching. I have my two buckets setup. One is going to be my clean water and I’ll
place one Dirt Trap inside of it. Insert it at an angle to avoid trapping air
underneath it and let it settle at the bottom. I’ll do the same thing for my rinse bucket. I’ve got two different colors so that I can
differentiate between my clean water any my rinse water. As for a soap I wanted something that is going
to give me a lot of lubrication but smells great. I’m going to use Maxi-Suds Strawberry Margarita. This is going to offer a lot of foam and a
lot of suds. This will give plenty of lubrication as I
wash to reduce the chances of scratching it. Also I’ll be using the Extra Thick Multi-Fiber
Microfiber Wash Mitt which is super soft and traps a lot of foam so it’s not going to scratch
the paint. To get started I’m going to rinse off the
vehicle. You might be wondering why we’re not starting
with the rims. That’s because we already washed them off
camera. But if you want to learn more tips on how
to wash rims just check out our website. Lets get started! Now I’m going to dunk my wash mitt into my
clean water bucket. Get a lot of soap and foam on it and this
is going to add lubrication as I wash. I’m going taking it over to the vehicle and
I’ll start at the highest point. Wiping it down in one direction. Once the mitt has gotten sufficiently dirty
you’ll take it over to your rinse bucket, push it all the way to the bottom of the bucket
so it hits the Dirt Trap so it can wring out as much contamination, I’ll take it outside
the bucket to get this dirty water out and then we’ll go back to the fresh water bucket. So we’ve just brought the Skyline inside and
since this car is such a beast I want a towel that matches it’s personality. That’s why I’ve grabbed this monster of a
towel. This is the Elegant Black Microfiber Towel. It’s nice and plush very big and it’s also
edgeless so I won’t scratch the surface. All you have to do is drape it across the
surface and pull off all that water. You can always fold it up so you can work
on side panels or to buff off the excess. It’s a really nice drying towel. Alrighty guys I’ve just finished washing the
Nissan and it looks great. It came in with just a little dust and debris
on it but still you need to wash that stuff off so it doesn’t scratch. By using a foam bath we safely cleaned it
without creating scratches or swirls. So if you like this car or this video be sure
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nine hundred videos showing you how to do just about anything. We’ll see you with more videos on this Nissan
right here in the Detail Garage.