How to view/edit Vehicle Summary report

to view a report, go to ‘Reports’ let’s choose ‘Vehicle Summary Report’ you may view, edit or clone a report and subscribe to it as well opt to view the report you may click on today, yesterday, last 7 days or “archive” for old reports choose vehicle of your choice or ‘Select All’ select the vehicle type and group click for more filters opt to show/ hide fields drag and drop desired columns in the report grid apply filters click to download report in Excel or PDF format opt edit if required amend the report name if required and click ‘Next’ choose the template select common and consolidated fields, then click ‘Refresh’ to preview the changes choose spatial view mode – Line, Point or circle choose the data period ‘Refresh’ and click ‘Next’ add conditions/ filters you may reset/ add new rule and click ‘Next’ preview and publish the report