How to use 505 Correction Glaze for polishing and paint repair does not have silicone

[Music] Thanks for checking out 3D products I’m Donald williams. In this segment we’re going to show you how to use AAT 505 the brand new product from 3D international. 505 correction glaze now it’s correction glaze is a little bit different than most of your glazes that you’re familiar with most glazes are intended to fill this is actually intended to remove light to moderate scratches, be able to take for example this car was in a collision. the front quarter panel was the part that was repaired. The top and the rest of the car was not repaired. We can show you here with this light that this is pretty much flawless they did a good job compounding polishing buffing and painting it when you bring it over the top here it looks like a used car and when people go and they have a collision they don’t want to have the car look like they just had a part replaced so 505 comes in is going to be the hero of the day it’s going to remove these defects be able to match this panel and blended together with it now it’s not a intended to do heavy scratch removal but it will do that light to moderate scratch removal be able to bring out the high gloss and leave a six-month protection on there with the montan wax, the montan wax has high durability it has a high heat resistance so it’s going to be a lot better protection a lot longer lasting protection especially in the summer months as compared to caranuba waxes it’s also body shop safe and fresh paint safe it’s breathable so that the outgassing that has to happen on some of the fresh paint is allowed to take place where is you so you’ll be able to go from the old paint onto the fresh brand-new paint giving that new paint the same my amount of protection that the old paint has. We’re going to jump into this real quick. using the K-58 spider pad now this pad as we’ve shown in previous segments as a lot of cuts in here. what that does is it opens up as the pad is spun on the rotary creating fifteen percent more cutting areas and more correction then at the regular foam would do and would take this nice soft foam and be able to allow it to cut instead of really be more of an application pad we have our brand-new k99 flexible backing plates from 3D international and we did that is really important and it’s a key part to it because it’s stiff enough to keep the pad flat when it’s needed to be and also adjust to the contours of a vehicle you notice on this car it’s not really flat you got larger open areas but there’s a lot of contours that go along with making a car look like this it’s a beautiful car and that’s what these nice lines and contours of this vehicle do so having a flexible backing plate is going to be key in this. As you do so many times you take we put a piece of tape just to show that you guys have a contrast make sure you realize the difference to see the power of the correction for the AAT 505 correction glazed and bunch of other products and take and put a couple small drops on here now spreading this out is not really that necessary or conditioning the pad this is a brand new pad the 505 is going to glide rather easily and create a good condition pad right off the bat without you have to worry about any dry buff. It’s got a long open time and a good life so we’ll take it put it right here we’re going to turn it down to about a thousand rpms you can go a little bit higher if you need We’re going to do this with a rotary because it’s so easy to use we don’t have to worry about making that adjustment with having a dual action polisher this makes the rotary a lot easier plus you can go again on that fresh paint. you want to clean that up a little bit more is a little bit of compound jamm thats in some of this stuff that the 505 going to help clean out all over nice and even broke overlapping passes, the slower you go the more correction you’ll get obviously because it is on a rotary you don’t want to just stop and have it sit. But you don’t have to worry about going too fast. nice and even back-and-forth motion so easy to use, it will make it so that your pad stays nice and flat now again the K-99 backing plate plays a big role in this. Because as you can tell. As I’m bluffing here this cars not flat it’s got a lot of big contours in it. one more time to make sure I got it see there’s no dust is very user-friendly stays on the pad nice and even there’s still material on here goes quite a long ways now one of the most beautiful things about 505 is the ability of its cleanup it’s extremely easy to clean up not only that but it makes me the existing compound or polish that was left behind a lot easier to clean up remove our tape show the gloss that we have here can show the correction in a nice close-up on this to show you there is a massive difference between what was there was it now we’re showing the comparison of the 505 correction glaze and the power that it has i’m going to show you actually how you would use it in the shop or how you would use is as a detailer, because a lot of times the shops going to deliver, a lot of shops that will deliver the car looking just like this and a detailers job or responsibilities is to go and pick up the slack and sometimes you as an individual owner will have that opportunity as well or have that unfortunate opportunity as some of us a call it. But this is so easy to use it really doesn’t make detailing difficult makes it quite easy makes it very simple. Sometimes you like your car you have a passion about your car yeah you might enjoy this more you actually like it trust yourself doing it more than that some of the detailers that are in some of the shops that are out there, so we’re going to take the four small drops – four small size drops going to put it on the car here give a nice decent little rub in and again you have to worry about conditioning it, the pads going to take care of it that way along with the combination of the chemical and keep it nice and low and go over it back and forth. Now if you notice any hologram or anything that was done in the shop on the existing paint, remember we told you this is fresh paint friendly, fresh paint safe. it’s not going to cause any flashing or any dyebacks you can take it the right over that new paint. help level out any Holograms there might have been and increase the shine and add some protection don’t worry about going over these little symbols, again it’s extremely easy to use and a lot of open time a little goes a long way so now if you have these body panels or rubber maybe some of our little dyed back, feel free to go over it with the 505 you don’t have to worry about it turning white on you actually have anything it’ll make them a little bit more black. Bring that color back This is extremely sun friendly it does not have to be done in-doors now on a rotary polisher you definitely want to try and have as much of a controlled environment as possible, because your heat on your paint tends to get up there if you’re in direct sunlight. It gives you a lot of open time! Go ahead and take 505 correction glaze and put it all over the entire vehicle then you leave it on and go ahead and do all your trims and do the cowl. Do the the tires and wheels make sure that the car is now dressed so then you’re not removing the dressing from the body of the vehicle and doing the wipe down the second time you take and do all the dressing and then because of the nature of the 505 and the montan wax combination it wipes off extremely easy giving you that gorgeous luster that you’re looking for and giving you a good six months protection and then some of the cases where the owner had a collision this is just going to bring that smile back on your face, because a lot of people most of us, this is at least our second largest investment and we want to make sure we take care of it so for all of us at 3D International we appreciate you taking the time checking out how to use 3D’s all-in-one correction glaze 505 part of the AAT line up along with the brand-new K-99 flexible backing plate and the 3D K-58 spider finishing pad. Until next time I’m Donald Williams, and we will see you soon. [MUSIC]