HOW TO TURN ANY IMAGE INTO A VECTOR – Illustrator Live Trace Tool Guide

i’m going to show you how to turn any image into a vector using illustrator live trace tool, both in colour and black and white vector welcome back to another graphic design tips video is Tom here with satori graphics today using the live trace tool in Illustrator, how to turn any image into a vector before we start I was briefly like to ask you to drop a comment in the studio and smash that like button if you find it helpful and of course if you really like it share it with someone else and subscribe for future blades open your images illustrate their i have a cool little robot guy here go to window and then click the image trace window this is where we will be able to do live trace using the live trace tool make sure you watch until the end of the video however is the actual tracing process Illustrator is quite annoying because you have to go outside of this window to do it with your image selected you can play around with the settings here but make sure you have the preview option selected so you can see how the trace will come at once it’s done here are the priests options as you can see they are pretty self-explanatory and you may want to select one instead of playing around the settings below here for example you can see the outline for the vector and how they were lunch threshold will increase or decrease the amount of black on your back there just play around the settings until you’re happy with what you want it may be a black my letter or maybe a color detail image now this is where the magic happens once already highlighted image and go to object in the trees and expand now you should have the vector of your image you can dress the object and group two separate the image file and you can do it anyone could areas of course if you look at the preset settings you can trace in the colour option after expending it you have a vector file looks like this so he did find my graphic design tutorial on how to turn any image into a vector helpful if you did let me know and subscribe for future blitz have tutorials on tuesdays videos on Thursday kind of bonus video on a Sunday the next time there’s only feature today