How to Sell More Cars using YouTube in 2019 | Automotive Video Marketing

Now you provide some other services and
I think you’ve got some stuff that businesses can get really excited about
let’s talk about what you do and with emphasis on YouTube marketing because I
am all ears. Absolutely so Marketing Solutions STL
is a full service digital marketing firm We provide you know paid search
would provide obviously direct mail we do social media marketing and you know
our YouTube and video marketing is probably one of the things that really
differentiates us besides you know the TEXTiUM product. YouTube reaches
92 percent of the us mobile population buying a vehicle in the next six months
and it’s predicted that video will make up 82 percent of all Internet traffic by
2021 so when we go in and we educate
individuals a lot of the dealership principals GM’s and GSM’s, just
unfortunately have a lack of knowledge that over 75% of auto shoppers say
online video has not only influenced their shopping habits but 97% of auto
shoppers performed an action after watching a video 40% of them went to the
dealerships website went to the bdp page and searched the dealerships inventory
so when you’re talking about YouTube and video marketing someone is thinking
about a vehicle you know whether it’s a car truck or SUV they probably go to
Google you know type in car truck SUV or the year make a model do a little
research and then go straight over to YouTube to watch a test drive a review
or walk-around things along those lines so you know being in front of the
consumer giving them that personalized look and feel allowing them to do that
research with the highly engaged customer who can relate to that video in
the privacy of their own home when they’re most comfortable that’s really
what is allowing us to take our messaging to the next level and to push
out the information to a consumer that you know they’re already looking for to
make sure that you know your brand is intact that your
information is intact and to be able to give them the video experience that
they’re really looking for well Benny let’s say that I’m dealer X and I am
interested in driving traffic to my VDP I’ve got my Google Analytics all in
order all my goals are set hmm do you have a set of best practices that would
say all right we’re gonna create these kinds of videos we’re gonna pop them up
on YouTube create your own channel provided of course they don’t have one
or you’ll enhance the current existing channel that they might have and use
that as your marketing tool and what I’m trying to get at is when we do campaigns
for ourselves here at dealership it is we just pretty much throw up some stuff
that we think is gonna be interesting will put interviews up there we don’t
soup we don’t really push the YouTube end of it all that much we just
basically use it to post so we could put it on our website and it it it works
bottom line so it’s more for us it’s more of a function than it is anything
else but do you have that set of best practices that you could say we have
this kind of we set up specific videos with a specific goal in mind and it
works and we can show you from you know a through Z what to do to get results
absolutely and I think I really break it down into you know three different silos
if you will number one is going to be the brand video you know to make sure
that you’re upholding your brand what you stand for what you represent the
differentiators things like that when it comes to the actual brand of you know
the automotive group or the rooftop or the dealership whatever it may be
secondly you are going to have what I call education through entertainment
people go online for two reasons to be educated or entertained they
really do so you either need to teach them something or make them laugh my
approach is education through entertainment or I’m going to educate
you you know with the humorous you know type of video that’s going to be out
there thirdly I’m going to and specify the high-priority models
that are in your market in your area or that are the you know the highest search
volume for individuals looking for those types of vehicles so we’ll do a review a
walk-around we’ll do a test drive on that particular model because if you
really think about it for a second consumers are highly influenced by other
people that they can relate to I want to see someone that looks like me walks
like me talks like me acts like me inside this vehicle performing the
actions and functions that I would perform I want to see someone take the
vehicle on a test drive I want to see all the features and benefits of either
the safety features of the technological features things like that because when
consumers are in the research process of the new vehicle per se price isn’t the
highest priority or top of mind they want to know what’s in it for them and
you know what this vehicle has to offer such as your USB ports your 12-volt
power jacks your you know parking assist safety features you know all these other
types of things so when you incorporate what the individual already wants to
know and is already looking for into these specified model videos your
engagement rate goes up a lot and we’re really seeing about a 300% increase in
traffic to not only the website but to the specific bdp page that that specific
vehicles video you know is about or is listed on VDP is is that’s the big one
right there we work with right you know I’ve interviewed Len short a lot links
and and of course Jason over there and that’s there’s their sole focus and you
know quite frankly driving is VDP it does work it’s I think that’s been
proven now see I’m excited you just got me excited about you – yeah the
unfortunate part about it is a lot of folks they really don’t think about
YouTube you know on the broader scale or the
because if you think about this for a second video has been around in the car
business for you know hundreds and hundreds of years you know obviously you
know television commercials and car dealerships are a match made in heaven
well if you think about the consumer behavior and the way that it’s shifting
into the digital age I can’t go turn the tv back on and look at your commercial
that you did you know a month ago I can’t try to reference a cable TV ad or
a TV commercial and say oh what was the specs and the new features on this
particular video so YouTube’s not only allows you to showcase that but it’s
also a library where individuals can go reference your content and reference
your material at anytime and it’s not going anywhere so it’s a huge benefit
and it’s really you know tenfold for the dealerships to put out their current
offers current specials current vehicles and current features and benefits but
also for individuals that may want to reference a vehicle you know say last
year’s model or something like that all of that content is readily available at
their fingertips you know we did an interview at one of the auto shows I
believe was a los angeles car show I jumped in a Honda Passport and there was
a fella in there and he I guess you could call him a loyal Honda can custom
er because he had a Honda since 1990 and he started going in two in depth on some
of some of the characteristics of the new Honda Passport that he didn’t like
and some stuff that he did like but primarily what he didn’t like about it
and it got more organic play than anything we ever did the passport is
just selling off off the shelf it’s as hot as can possibly be and if you’re a
haunted either you’re probably doing really well right now as opposed to
perhaps some other brands but Honda Singh absolutely killing it in the
Northeast but with so much for that hey where do you see marketing solutions STL
in three years I mean honestly my three-year plan is to
double in size and really help more dealers design develop and execute not
only you know their traditional digital marketing strategies but continue to
implement and be on the forefront of new technologies and you know new
opportunities that are out there to not only help them increase their engagement
you know their retention strategy but also to really allow them to separate
themselves from the other dealerships that are out there and really change
their marketing message that’s a I’m very passionate about you know your
symptom solution call-to-action your media math your message to just continue
to educate and continue to develop partnerships and relationships with not
only dealerships you know principals GM’s and GSM but to you know really
collaborate with other individuals that are in my space and in other spaces to
take dealership marketing to the next level it’s called the competitive edge
and that my friends is mr. Benny major of marketing solutions STL st. Louis
Benny hey thanks for joining us man absolutely thank you very much for
letting me appear on the show and you know always a pleasure
this is Kelly Klieman and you’re listening to the dealership
podcast we’re signing off have yourself a great day talk to you soon you