How To Revive Faded And Stained Paint! – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail
Garage, we’re glad you could join us. We’ve still got this Honda Civic in the shop
and as you can see we are going to be doing a 50/50 comparison between the clean, clayed
and polished side against the dirty, not clayed and non polished side. There is tons of grime and debris. As we washed it we noticed the paint was kinda
dead, it has a lot of swirls. Although it hides a lot it still has the
same texture paint as any other color so it is not like it defends against scratches and
swirls any better it is only hiding them. So we’re going to show you how to remove them
to revive the paintwork. Over here I have a TORQ 22D set up with an
Orange Hex-Logic Pad and I’ll be using VSS. This is going to take down a very fine layer
of the clear coat to reveal fresh paint. Using an Orange Pad is going to break down
the VSS so we can work the abrasives into a finishing polish. To start off shake up the bottle and then
apply five dime sized drops to the pad. Lets start on a small section on the hood
to control the area that we are working on this way we get the best shine and the best
results. After applying five dime size drops to the
pad I’m going to spray Pad Conditioner to lubricate the pad and the compound so neither
go dry which can lead to marring. This will lubricate it to reduce friction
and give us the perfect shine. Before we start polishing I want to mention
that in our previous video we washed and clayed this half of the car, so now it is super slick. All the impurities have been pulled out of
the paint this way it doesn’t create pig tails or micro swirls as we polish. As you can see I’ve already taped off half
of the car to show you the difference and the plastic and rubber areas to prevent staining. I’ll blotch it out and now on the lowest speed
setting I’ll spread this in the section I’ll be working and when we are ready to polish
I can bump it up to the highest speed setting. Once your polish has gone clear that is when
you know it is time to buff it off. Lets take a clean microfiber towel and wipe
away the excess. So with this clean microfiber towel I’ll take
away the excess. Buffing in straight lines to prevent installing
swirls in our freshly polished paint. A majority of the imperfections have been
removed to reveal a fresh paint job. Now we are going to repeat this process to
the rest of the vehicle and then we need to seal it because now that we’ve polished it
we’ve opened up all the pores of the paint which takes no time for contamination to clog
and dull out the finish. As you guys can tell this paint looks amazing. A total transformation from how it looked
earlier. By polishing we have removed oxidation and
damaged paint to showcase that fresh white paint. Now we are going to seal it using JetSeal. This is going to protect the paint for up
to 12 months against harsh elements, UV rays and anything that can harm the clear coat. I’ll be using the 22D again with a Black Finishing Pad. The soft pad spreads a fine coat which buffs
off easy and uses less product. Again, shake the bottle and apply five dots
to the pad. So again blotch it out and on the lowest speed
setting we’ll spread this out. JetSeal only takes about twenty minutes to
cure to the surface so after giving it a sufficient amount of time to bond I’ll take a Black Happy
Ending Towel and start buffing it off. The thin layer is hard to see on white paint
but it comes off super easy. What you are looking for is a slight haze
but that fine coat uses less product which saves time and money. So, if you guys want to check these products
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