How to Restore your Car Paint : Mothers Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax

hello guys, today we’re gonna try
mothers Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax this is a very light polish,
doesn’t have any filler and will also wax your car in 1 step so if you have a white car
or a light colored car doesn’t have many swirls but have a dirty paint like this that won’t be removed
even after you washed the car you might want to consider getting this before you begin,
after you wash and dry the car you need to clay first.. if the clay got dirty simply fold them, and repeat the process and this is after the clay bar and don’t forget to paper tape over your trims
or it will get stained for best result, you need a DA polisher this is meguiars DA power system
with burgundy pad pour it onto the pad and keep going with light pressure re-apply as needed now let see the result white car usually can show it better
than any others color that’s why some white car with time will turn to yellowish
because of the dirt and oxidation and this is the water beading the downside about this product is
you cannot put 2 coat of wax because if you put it again
it will remove the old wax but it’s a great product
to restore your car paint in 1 step i hope this video is helpful don’t forget to check links
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