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Hey guys welcome to Detail Garage. Today we have a Porsche 911 Turbo in the shop. This car is beautiful, it’s mechanically sound. It drives hard and rides really well. The car isn’t necessarily in the best shape
but that’s why they brought it to us. We can show it some TLC. The first thing I noticed is that the trim
on this vehicle is faded. The sun has got to it and this vehicle had
no protection so we need to restore the trim. These hard plastic pieces are faded, it used
to be black but now it’s gray. The window cowl is faded to a gray color as well. We want to go ahead and restore that color
and make it black again, giving it a nice wet look. We will be doing so using our Carbon Flex Trim. Carbon Flex Trim is a coating that will coat
these plastics and restore them for up to 36 months. First I want to see the full extent of the
damage on the cowl and rest of the vehicle. Lets start by checking out how bad this is. It’s dirty, it’s faded and normally most cars
have their engine in the front and the heat from the engine will fade these plastics a
lot faster but since this car sits out in the sun, the heat obviously baked this. It went from a nice deep black to a crunchy
gray looking color. The plastic is really faded. So I’m going to get started and obviously
before I apply the Carbon Flex I need to clean the area and get rid of all the dust and any
kind of contamination that way our Carbon Flex Trim does its job. So I made myself a little more comfortable
and got inside the front trunk of this car and it’s time to start cleaning the trim. I’ve got an all purpose cleaner, this is Nonsense
and I’ve diluted this 10:1. I’m going to spray the trim. I want to clean off any dirt or debris on
the trim. You can see I’m pulling off a lot of dirt. I also noticed there was a lot of run off
from the rain that was dripping into the sides so that also plays a factor into it fading
because the moisture actually gets absorbed into the plastic and makes them fade quickly. It is always important to wipe off any kind
of rain or protect it. I need to make sure that this piece of trim or plastic is absolutely dry that way Carbon Flex Trim
bonds on nicely. You get the best results possible. Can you guys hand me that? Thank you. Alright I think that’s as clean as it is going
to get. So now that it’s nice and clean it is time
for us to apply our Carbon Flex Trim. This coating lasts for up to 36 months, it’s
going to give it a nice and wet look again and restore this. You can see this area right here is a lot
better looking than this was when I opened the hood. The Carbon Flex Trim only works with the included
Micro Suede Applicator and this Foam Block. The reason being this Micro Suede Towel spreads
the product evenly. So if you have any foam pad or applicator
it won’t work. It’s going to come out really thick and streaky
and that’s what you don’t want. You don’t want to ruin your trim by doing that. Lets open up our Carbon Flex. The area that I’m focusing on is the windshield
cowl right here. This area is really going to show when the
trunk is closed but since this is my friends car I want to take care of him and make sure
that not only half is restored. Lets start by getting our applicator and applying
Carbon Flex is easy. Just pour it upside down with a nice line
of product. This is the most important part. Once you have the product on the applicator
you want to move left and right no swirl motions and you can only use this towel. We’ll start on this flat area on the bottom
and work our way up. Just go back and forth. It’s that easy, just let it dry for twenty
minutes then come back with a microfiber and wipe off. I’m going to start on the rest of the vehicle,
you guys just enjoy. As you can see I’ve already applied Carbon
Flex on this side of the vehicle and I hardly used any product. It is very easy to use, like I said a little
bit goes a long way. I’m going to close this trunk….well first
I’m gonna hop out then close the trunk and finish up the rest of the cowl and the trim. Before I apply Carbon Flex Trim onto this
piece of trim I just wanted to let you guys know something. We already protected this convertible top
with our Convertible Top Protectant so this will block UV rays and it will also repel water. It is the exact same properties that Carbon
Flex Trim will do to all your trim. I’m gonna have Jen pass me some tape. “There you go” Thanks Jen? We don’t want to get this Carbon Flex Trim
onto the fabric because this will harden up and you don’t want this to be hard. So I’ll mask off the area before we apply this. So 20 minutes have passed by since I applied
the coating to the trim. It’s time for us to buff off. For areas such as this that has textured plastic
you don’t have to apply too much pressure when it comes to buffing off the excess. For smoother areas such as this trim here
you may want to apply a little pressure when removing it. Lets remove the excess. So there you go. Make sure you buff off after allowing it to
cure for 20 minutes. You don’t want to buff off too early because
then you’ll have to reapply the coating so be sure you allow it to bond and cure on to
the trim before you start buffing off. So once you’re finished using the Carbon Flex
Trim be sure to discard this towel. You do not want to reuse this towel to apply
the Carbon Flex Trim onto any other vehicle. This does harden and it won’t give you the
proper results. We do have refill kits available. Carbon Flex Trim restored this trim and gave
it up to 36 months of protection. it is also going to give it UV blocking properties
and it is also going to bead off water with no problem. Remember you can always use your favorite
dressing on top of the Carbon Flex Trim if you want to add a wetter look or if you’re
looking for more protection. If you want to know more about Carbon Flex Trim be sure to check out our website at If you liked this video be sure to give it
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