How to Restore a Car’s Paint Job : How to Spray Car Paint with Clear Coat

Hi, I’m Doug. I work with 20 great guys in
St Louis at Doug Jenkins custom hotrods. And we’re going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Now we’re going to clear coat the car and Andy’s going to pull the
masking paper off of the black so he painted the black first with base coat then he masked
over and shot the white. Now he’s going to clear coat both of them. And we had to make
a call on that one. Andy thought we might leave the black as a base coat only because
the car is older and the right side of the car, the rockers aren’t quite as shiny as
they were new. But it’s just a lot better to protect it. So we’re going to have a car
that’s slightly mismatched on just the black portion from the left and right side but this
will protect it better. Bet you’re getting tired of that tack rag. Every time Andy does
something he grabs it. Just making sure everything’s really clean. The Miata’s a small enough car
so he won’t have any overlap. Any time you over lap paint you end up with a heavy spot.
It’s tricky to manage it. So the first coat that he’s doing there is just kind of a tack
coat. It’s not a full wet coat, it’s just enough on there to get the car a little bit
sticky. It’s real easy. Andy’s just checking there when he touches the paper to see how
tacky it is. You’ll see him reaching up there and touching right near where he’s working
in order to check how dry the clear coat is. If you go on too fast, you’ll end up with
a big mess. It gets real heavy and then it run on you. So he puts that first light coat
on in order to get to get it just a little bit tacky so he can dump the second coat on.
Now this coat’s going on real heavy. If you can ever smell paint your respirators junk
throw it away.