How to Restore a Car’s Paint Job : How to Bag & Paint a Car

Hi I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins custom hot rods and we’re going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Alex, his next step is going to be to bag the whole car. We have
this really thin plastic and he’s going to wrap the car with it. This plastic has a static
feature to it that helps it hold to the car, so it doesn’t blow around too much when you
hit with the paint gun. So there’s a side that you put against the car so it sticks
to the car and then a side that goes away from the car so that the paint will stick
to it. If the paint was to be flaking off the plastic all the time, you’d end up with
chunks of paint falling into your work. So if you see there on the plastic, it’s printed.
It says, “Paint this side”. So that’s the side you leave out and the other side goes
against the car.
The base coat we’re using goes on nice and dry. It doesn’t have real bad over spray.
But when we get to the clear coat, it sticks for probably twenty feet and it will blow
under the car, it’ll be in the air for a long time so we have to seal it up really carefully.
You know, when Alex was doing the repair out in the shop, he was using weld through primer,
the low grade stuff, in the spray bomb and he didn’t have to mask anything. That stuff
dries in about six or eight inches. It doesn’t stick very well at all. But the clear, it’ll
stay in the air, it floats around, it sticks to everything. So when we get a car, in the
paint booth like this, we need to bag it and mask it really carefully. If you don’t bag
it carefully, you’ll have a great looking job when your done but the whole car will
feel kind of fuzzy and the wipers will make a hissing noise and your wind shield will
never stay clean because that stuff, it gets on everything.