How to Replace an Engine in Your Car (Swap)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
if you need to change the engine in your car, then today’s your lucky day,
because today I’m going to show you how to change an engine in your car, now you
have to take everything off the old engine, including the exhaust manifold
and the intake manifold assembly and the fuel injectors have to be taken off, then
you hook the engine puller chains to the holders, there’s one here in the back
and one on the front to pull it up, then pop it up to clear the engine bay and out
it comes, then you slide the new engine in make sure you have the hoist on nice
and tight, the hardest part is sliding the engine into the transmission and
that’s why I have this engine leveler here I can crank it to tilt the engine
to get it in, now you might think this engine hoist and the stabilizer costs a
whole bunch of money, but I bought it on sale at Harbor Freight tools, the engine
hoist is only 110 bucks on sale and the leveler for it was only $45, so when you
consider the thousand bucks or more mechanic will charge to put an engine in,
hey it’s worth it, then once you wiggle and shake and bolt the transmission on,
put the exhaust manifold back on and bolt it up and then both the intake
manifold on too, and before you hook everything else up, it’s a good idea to
start it up to make sure the engine works, well here goes nothing and now we can hook up the alternator
and everything else and get back on the road, it was a big job, but hey it’s worth
it, knowing that you did it yourself and you did it right,
and remember if you got any car questions just visit Scotty