How to Repair Paint Stone Chips

How to touch up stone chips
without making a mess This is quite a large stone chip. I chose it because it will show up on camera better. You will need: Polishing Compound Carnuba Wax 1500 grit wet & dry paper Water with a drop of dish soap Isopropyl Alcohol Paint and Lacquer to match your car Specialist touch up sticks I use clean water and a drop of dish soap, then I soak my 1500 grit wet and dry paper for a few minutes to soften Gently rub down the area around the stone chip, removing any loose paint. This also smooths the edge of the stone chip. I apply carnauba wax to the stone chip and area around it. This helps keep the paint in the stone chip Using Isopropyl Alcohol I remove the wax from the stone chip, but leave it on the surrounding area Apply a small amount of paint to your touch up stick, then using a dabbing motion slowly start to fill the stone chip. Use a hairdryer between coats. The paint will shrink during drying. Build up the paint slowly in layers, around 2-3 should do. Don’t worry about it being smooth. When you’re done with the paint layers add the clear lacquer. I do this in a thick coat to get a smooth surface. Again, dry with a hairdryer Using the 1500 grit wet and dry paper and water gently sand the surface to blend the repair. If you have any shiny spots like here, the paint is lower than the surface. I added a little more lacquer. Now, I use a medium polishing compound (by hand) to remove the sanding marks from the paint Although the stone chip can be seen, it’s alot less noticable to people who don’t know it was there.