How to Repair Car Paint Damage : How to Clean Your Car before Painting

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. The first thing we do before we shoot is we get a piece that we are painting
very clean. Dan has some silicon and some grease remover in that little spray bottle.
He has a nice clean paper towel and he is wiping down everything very carefully. Little
bits of oil that is in the air, dirt, finger prints. He is wearing the latex gloves now
so everything stays very clean. He is wiping it very carefully, every pieces gets wipe
very carefully. It does not take much of a contamination to ruining a good paint job.
The second step in getting everything clean is wiping it down with a tact rag that gets
all the little bits of dust and lint off of the piece. That tact rag is nothing more then
cheese cloth with beeswax on it. The wax does not come off the rag and gets on the grill.
It does pick up all the lint and all the dust.