How to Repair a Windshield : How to Know if Crack Can Be Repaired in Windshield

Hi, I’m Heath Heine with Clearview Windshield
Repair here on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip you are going to see how to repair
a crack in your windshield. We are going to get started on the crack repair. We have about
an 8 inch crack here. Now there is two ways, two methods that you can do with repairing
a crack. One is actually drilling into the tip of it and again popping a bullseye. As
you know from the bullseye state, it stops the break from going in different directions.
So we’ll drill in, take your probe and loop that bullseye around it. Now from this point,
you take your bridge and you apply it to that bullseye and you can start some of the injection.
One of the other things that is needed with a crack repair on a windshield is you will
want to use one of your injectors and take it out of the bridge. After you’ve put some
resin in it, you will run it along the crack to inject resin into that crack. Now the second
process is opposed to drilling that bullseye and popping it, you can flex from it inside
of the windshield with your hand if you can reach there or with your probe if it is a
little bit farther. As you flex what happens is you are opening that glass to the surface
so that you can start your injection process. So this time I am going to flex, take my injector
full of resin and insert the resin along the crack. Run it all the way to where the crack
actually started to. Now it is time for the sun to cure it.