How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

Hey guys ChrisFix here Today i’m going to show you how to fix a chip I was driving down the highway behind a dump truck a rock came off and hit my truck windshield So this was a couple of hours ago Went and got the kit You want to do this right away so it prevents anymore chipping Or cracking all down the windshield So we can see our chip right here Its spider cracked Its not like a crack straight up the windshield So this is repairable First thing we’re going to do is clean this off I like using a microfibre towel And i’m going to pour alcohol right on to it You don’t want to spray or pour it onto the crack You want to put it on the towel And then wipe the windshield The good thing about alcohol is it drys very fast You could use your glass cleaner, But make sure you dont spray onto the windshield You want to put it on the towel first So heres the windshield repair kit I’m going to use Got it for $10 Heres what comes in the kit, Lets get started fixing this windshield So you can see the chip better I put some cardboard behind it And put some black tape around, Hopefully it will focus good and you’ll be able to see what im doing So after you clean, What you want to do is take a safety pin, and just make sure there is no glass Thats left in here from the chip So that looks good The next thing you want to do is get your seal And peel off one side You want the tab to be facing up And you want the crack in the middle Like so Make sure there’s a good seal Now peal off the other side Exposing the other sticky side Now we take our pedestal here And we line it up, see the tab on the top Right on, and press down So now the chip is completely covered And has the pedestal on top Now we take our resin We get our scissors and cut the tip off here Now we put 3 quarters of the resin In here Now we take our syringe We’re going to push it in all the way So now you use one hand, Hold the Syringe down, and pull upwards And it locks in, this clip up here locks it in and creates a vacuum So now you’re sucking all the air out Now the directions say let this sit for 10 minutes As you let this sit, Bang around the windshield to help the air bubbles escape The whole point of this vacuum step, is to pull any air out of the crack So when you take a look from the backside You can see all those air bubbles being pulled out by that vacuum 10 Minutes later, there are no air bubbles in the crack, they are all on the outside And we will do the next step So 10 minutes have passed, Hold the base of the syringe, and pull it out to let air in, and now push the syringe back in Make sure its nice and air tight And you’re going to move this clip so you can push down And you’re going to lock it in the down position Just like so Now you’re putting pressure on it, This pressure forces resin into the crack Now we let this sit for 20 minutes 20 Minutes later, Pull out the syringe, we’re done with this Now we use a safety razor Just get underneath Peel it back Have some paper towel ready Just to catch any resin Take your extra resin you have left Put a drop right on top of the crack, like so Make sure you’re in direct sunlight when you do this Take your flat yellow square Place it on top, Take the flat razor edge, and press out any bubbles Now we have to let this sit in direct sunlight for 15 minutes Or if its a cloudy day or in the shade it will take an hour But it will only take 15 minutes this way Ok 15 minutes has lapsed Get a straight edge under here, Pull this off Now take your straight edge and just go across Try to go as parallel to the glass as you can, you don’t want to scrape the glass You just want to scrape the resin off Now we’re done I don’t know if you can see the crack anymore There is a very very small speck But you can kind of see where it is, right there Just a tiny speck This kit does a excellent job Now we can pull the tape off Now we can see, That is awesome So that is how you remove a chip from your windshield You want to do this right away You don’t want it to become a huge crack up your windshield So if this video was helpful, give it a thumbs up If you like what you see, Subscribe I do a lot of how to videos, Help save money You learn some stuff, Fix your own car And you get jobs that are done like this, and it came out really nice If you want to see another video i did, see the video in the top right of the screen And if you want to see how to super clean your windshield Especially after this, you may want to get it really nice and clean, Left side video Links in the description as well just in case you can’t click on the screen Check out my facebook and twiiter, Links in the description It will give you updates when I do give aways, tips and tricks and stuff