How to repair a fresh paint ?

We are manufacturing foam polishing pads, from the softhest one to the most abrasive one. 100% Natural Wool Pads. We are also distributing abrasives discs and a complete range of polish suitable for all type of varnishes. Finally, we are also proposing microfibers. The first part of polishing is to visualise defaults and mark them with the pen on the piece: It can be grains, Or “Orange Peel” effect. We can also remove some burrs. Fibers can be a challenge to eliminate as well. After we detect the defaut to remove, The second part is to sand by humidifying the abrasive sanding paper. It is important to well wipe the sanded area to eliminate all dusts. Come then the buffing part done with polish liquid and a foam disc. The buffing job need to be done with a sustained pressure for few seconds, And then in larger circle by releasing the pressure. Polishing marks are removed and the treated area is more and more shiny after wiping with a microfiber. With a alcoohol solvent, the microfiber can be used reveal some marks which did not disapear. It is really important to use the discs on the appropriate way to make sure to not throw away a disc still useable. Do not hesitate to ask advices from your team leader. Some action you should not do: Not drop off to much product, to avoid splashes and over-consumption! Do not sand too strong or too long, to avoid pressure stripes! Do not polish too long, to avoid burnt area! Our team always stays tuned in, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us! © 2015 GEKATEX