How to Remove Tree Sap and Paint Stains on Your Car (Clay Bar)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Today I’m going to show you how you can remove stains from your car’s paint and as you
can see I’ve been a bad boy I let leaves and feathers and tree sap
get all over the cars paint so I’m going to show you how you can remove it and
make it look shiny again because nobody really wants the car’s paint to look
like this so first blow all the stuff off then go to the worst area and rinse it
all off then clean it with a clay bar there’s lots of clay bars out there they
all pretty much work the same I just use this because I like their
products, then you get the detailer that comes with it and you spray it in the
area that lubricates it then you get the clay bar and you wipe it back and forth
you can see all the crud is starting to come apart and as it does you kneed this
to get a smooth surface again then you spray a little more detailer and keep
wiping what this does is it removes all the impurities and you want to do all
the areas you’ll feel it rough when you first rub it on and then after a while
it becomes really smooth and it’s cleaned all the paint and the trick to doing a good job is to continuously knead the clay so that it has more clean
surfaces to wipe the dirt off, just take your time until it gets all slippery
like this and no longer has any resistance as your rub and after the
first application rinse it all off and then do it again, do it until all the
blemishes are gone then to make sure you can use your clay bars later get one of
these plastic seal bags put the clay bars inside and seal them so they don’t
dry out and stay nice and supple and when you’re done rinse the whole area
off get a nice chamois dry it off plop it all down and dry it off and inspect
it to see if it’s all clean this is looking pretty good here but if you look
right here you can see there’s still a stain in this part of the hood now this
stain is sap from a tree it’s really hard to get off so I’m using this
Tarminator which is a spray that gets rid of tar and sap from trees you just
spray it on like this, spray it in the affected area then you get a microfiber
towel like this so it doesn’t scratch and rub it all out and as you can see
the sap is coming right off on the microfiber towel which you can later
wash then of course to make it last you wax the whole area let it dry then
buff it off with the microfiber towel and there you have it a nice clean shiny
finish, it’s a shame it didn’t get rid of this dent that was here would it look
lot better without the dent so now you know how to get rid of paint blemishes
on your car using a little SAP cleaning spray and a clay bar and of course a
little elbow grease and a lot of sweat and remember if you’ve got any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them if I ever get
tired of driving this motorcycle.