How to Remove Tree Sap and Bird Poop from Car Paint – The Right Way

rev up your engines, welcome to mechanic Monday, where today
I’m going to show you how you can fight the evil forces of nature that can ruin
your car’s paint, like birds crapping on your car, now you can try to get your cat
to lick it clean, but odds are that’ll never happen, I’ve been using this goo
gone for automotive use for years the company’s not even pay me
anything for this, I just know it’s a good product that works, because when you
want to remove crud from your car’s paint, you don’t want to destroy the
paint, you don’t want to create scratches and you certainly don’t want to create
any future problems that’s going to make the paint come off, and of course you
want to do it as soon as possible because the bird crap contains a lot of
acid, and it gets real hard bakes onto your paint and will actually eat holes
in it, so you want to do it as soon as you see it whenever possible, that’s why
I keep a bottle of stuff in my wife’s trunk, I don’t want to mess up the paint
on this Lexus, and the first thing you have to realize is, you don’t want to use
paper towels, they’re kind of abrasive they can actually put micro scratches on
your paint, you want a good microfiber towel, these things are getting cheaper
and cheaper, they won’t scratch anything then you want to put the goo gone
liberally all over the area and let it soak for a few minutes, now you don’t
want to do this in the direct Sun, and today’s a perfect day because look, it’s
cloudy as can be, it’s nice and gray you won’t get any sun’s heat to do any kind
of damage to anything, because just as a general rule of thumb, don’t do any kind
of cleaning on a hot sunny day, if it is hot and sunny park under a tree or do
it inside your garage, now once it’s soaked in, just start rubbing in the case
of this bird crap boy didn’t take much to get it off, and here we go the crud
comes off on the towel not on your hand then when you’ve got it off, just clean the
area off with soap and water and this thing is so dirty, I’ll just wash the whole thing, I’ve seen guys scratching at the bird crap with their fingernails, and all
kinds of rough scrubbing things, that will ruin your paint, this stuff will make it
come off like butter, but what really sold me on the Goo Gone in the first place
is my Lexus and this Chinese tree of life that it’s parked under, now it’s a
beautiful tree and you don’t want to cut it down and it’s healthy as can,
as you can see by all these seeds that it’s creating, but the thing puts on a
ton of SAP and before I noticed it, the sap was on there in little places and it
got almost as hard as amber, it was like a rock and I couldn’t figure out how to
get it off, I mean look at this stuff, it’s as hard as can be and I don’t want to ruin
the paint getting it off, now granted this was a lot harder to get off,
I had to soak the stuff and in this case I let it sit for almost half an hour,
then I started to rub and tiny little pieces would come off, but little by
little, I kept putting it on and rubbing it off and finally after about 45
minutes of rubbing it all came off, when I found this stuff would take hardened
tree sap from the hot Texas Sun that had baked it on off, without doing any damage
to the paint, I was sold and I keep a can of the stuff in all my cars just in case
some crud happens when we’re on a trip somewhere I can get it off fast, then it’s
a lot easier and quicker, because if you see it when you’re on a trip, the faster
you get it off, the less you’re going to have any damage done at all, especially
with stuff like tar behind the wheel wells, one time we were driving down the
road and we couldn’t avoid it, we had to run over a pail of paint and it was
white paint all over the place, I got out with the stuff and I wiped it off real
fast, looks good as new, this stuff is amazing and since this is mechanic Monday, I’m
giving away a bottle of this stuff, just post a clean non-offensive comment
on the YouTube comments below, and a winner will be picked randomly by a
computer, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!