How to remove sticker glue from car paint

So what we have here is a Skoda Octavia which
has had some sticker pasted on it for a media awards show. And this has left some ugly residue
on the door. Now we are going to show you how to remove sticky residue from the door.
We have tried various solvents starting with WD40 over here, some vinegar, nail polish
remover and even Coca Cola, because somebody said that Coca Cola can remove such stains. It’s best to work in bright sunlight to make
sure the metal surface is hot, as glue comes off easier. After trying various solvents,
we figured the easiest and safest is WD40 for this kind of sticker residue. First clean the area thoroughly using a household
spray cleaner. Wipe it dry. Then spray WD40 liberally over the surface and let it soak
in. Mop up any excess with a soft cloth. Once the WD40 has soaked in, begin to scrape the
glue off using the flat edge of a plastic credit card. Continue in a single direction
to finish the job. Next clean the area and apply a coat of wax
polish to protect the paint. Buff to a shine and you are done. So there you have it. All you need to take
off that goopy glue that was there from the sticker is some WD 40 or any other spray like
this like Zorric or Rust Lick or any anti-rust spray will do the job. And it does not harm
the paint because it’s a lubricant. For additional protection, after you’ve finished taking off
the goop, we have put some wax polish which will give the paint a protective finish. And
while you are taking off the goop, to make sure the paint does not get harmed use a flat
edge plastic piece like a credit card or something like that.