How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

Hi I’m Rick, I am at the Chrysler show here at Carlisle, and uh….Metal Rescue is going to see if it can rescue my water pump housing, in about 6 to 9 hours and we’ll see what they can do
with it. (Why don’t you hold this way, we’ll get how bad this is. How bad is that rust?) Pretty heavy pretty heavy it’s not it’s
not quick stuff that can just rub off a little scotch brite and (it’s gonna take
a while) all the nooks and crannies and it’s something I wouldn’t want to sand
blast and end up leaving a little sand behind it. (ok) I think we will see what you can do. (we’re gonna put it here here’s a metal rescue, we’re going to do a soak
so got some other parts soaking we’re gonna make room for this water pump housing
we’re going to put in the bath give it a little Metal Rescue bath and
we’ll check back with Rick probably about six hours our guess.) sounds good (alright) Hi I’m Krista here with the Metal Rescue crew, We got this water pump housing about an hour ago now you can see we’re making tremendous
progress with it. I’m going to lift it out show what’s going on. You can see how cloudy this water is getting looking great. I’m going to put it back in here For another couple of hours. (We’re gonna check back with that housing)
Alright and how many hours it has it been? (Two hours) Two hours? When can I see it? (Now, you can go look at it right now) Where am I looking? In the bin? Alot of black water, is that my rust? My hands can go right in there? (Absolutely) Whoa, Holy Shh. Holy mackerel! Wow!!! Way better than sandblasting, Excellent!! Excellent!!
Good time to look for cracks now. (So it’s only been two hours, there’s a little bit of stuff there)
It’s only been two hours and it’s like that? No Shh, kidding i need to bring over my
friends. I wish I would have seen this before. Is it okay to bring over a few guys to check this out? (Absolutely) Maybe I’ll sell them some stuff. (There you go) (We got your video before, that’s why I do it, because people don’t believe it until they see it) So can i put it back in here and finish her off? (Yep) Awesome! And that’s it, I can just wipe my hands off? (Absolutely) No kidding? Excellent! Looking great! Looking great.
(Metal Rescue does it again!) Go back and paint it right now. I think it’s awesome! (That looks really good) How ya doing? Here you go, with her a ssistance, I’m wowed! I really am. Thank you! I saw it on TV like with Billy Mays selling this, I wouldn’t believe it. ( You don’t think I’m as good as Billy Mays?) I could put that out and sell that for more money than before. Very Happy!