How To Remove Rust On Large Parts: Paint On SAFE GEL

The last thing you want to worry about
is rust in your factory or warehouse. You’ve heard of our Metal Rescue rust
remover bath! The time-saving water-based rust remover that is safe on everything
except for rust! But what do you do for parts that can’t be soaked? Yeah like this one. Don’t worry we got you covered. Introducing Metal Rescue Rust Remover
GEL it’s our clean safe and easy on-the-spot rust remover. It’s safe on
paint, plastic, rubber and ferrous base metals. Here’s how it works.
Find some rust. When you found your spot or spots, make sure to clean the area of any grease or dirt before applying the Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL. Once the area’s been prepped, you’re
ready to apply the gel. To keep gel from drying wrap after applyin! We’ll get to that later…. Okay brush on the gel. You want to brush
it on about 1/8 inch thick. oh don’t forget to wear your gloves. After it’s been applied then wrap it with some plastic to keep it from drying. Yep, to keep gel from drying wrap after applyin! Now go do something else!
Let Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL do the work for you! Metal Rescue Rust Remover
GEL will remove that light rust
in 30 to 90 minutes. For heavier rust allow 12 to 24 hours. Ok it’s been about
a half hour let’s check it. Wow that looks amazing! Notice that Metal Rescue Rust Remover
GEL has changed from a clear to a yellowish color let’s let you know that Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL is removing the rust. Now, just wipe it off
with a wet rag. If that stubborn rust persists just add some more gel and wrap
it till it’s gone. That’s it! Now protect it! If you’re gonna paint it, just allow
for normal paint prep procedures or spray the area with our Dry Coat Rust
Preventative spray. This stuff dries to the touch and will protect your part from rusting for up to a year in an indoor environment. Metal Rescue Rust Remover
GEL our on-the-spot rust remover that can be applied anywhere there’s rust. just another way Armor Protective Packaging is taken the work, out of your work day. For more information about Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL or any of our Armor Protective Packaging products visit our website at