How To Remove Paint & Rust with Stripping & Cleaning Discs – Kevin Tetz & Eastwood

so while the bedliner coating is drying
on the bottom of said sled we’re going to take on another project
stripping the paint off the panels that haven’t been stripped or blasted yet now in the nineties all three of the big
three automakers had a huge problem with the Lambs delamination paint coming off
in sheets I know you’ve seen these cars going down the road and when I was in
collision repair the best method we found are the fastest maybe not the best
was to take 36 grit paper on a rotary sander just like these guys and strip it
down to bare metal building back up with epoxy than the top coats and kick it out
the door it was very effective but it was a kind
of a brutal way to get there I the other thing is if you ever hit
rust like that your paper is shot and that might have been the fastest way to
get the factory paint down to bare steel but it probably wasn’t the best way in
eastwood he’s got something way better check this out these are stripping discs and they come
in a variety of different sizes and different grits take a closer look they utilize a super strong hook and
loop fastener better known as velcro and it’s super strong there’s a huge
footprint a couple of different styles and like we said different sizes as well
as the grits that can finally polish the metal and and take the paint off without
profiling without digging giant freaking holes in it and the other benefit to a
porous type of a stripping disk like this over top of the 40 grade of 36 grit
paper is it stays cool that doesn’t build up a lot of heat on your panel so
if you’ve got a late model car or a thin or a large piece of metal this isn’t going to heat the panel up
and it’s not going to warp it and it’s pretty elementary watson you just got to get in there and take
the paint up now i’m going to start off with a low
rpm i’m probably going to go with about six hundred to a thousand rpm and just
see what this guy does I think it’s going pretty good yeah yeah now here’s something kind of cool now
what this looks like to me is that there’s clear coat base color some sort
of primer right here we’ve got the original paint original primer or D
depth coat and then bare steel so this in a kind of roundabout way talks to me
and tells me that this cars had to paint jobs on it and that’s kind of what we
thought it’s kind of what we found all over the carpet doing pretty good on stripping them yeah ok so the door is naked it’s stripped beautifully and is
stripped quickly and we’re not done yet we’re not ready for any kind of a primer
and here’s why look at this see that pit addressed in
there the strip is not going to get that sand paper is not going to get that even
those beautiful cleaning discs aren’t going to get that so we can either media
blast that was something ultra fine or we can chemically change
that and get it ready for the next step which is what we’re going to do with our
old buddy pass stitch yeah