Do you have this glue down the side your
vehicle and does it tick you off? Well today we’re gonna shadow get it gone! There’s a reason why they leave this
decal glue behind, because it is not an easy process to get off. So we will show
you a few hopefully easy tips to remove this from the door. We use a DX, which is a wax and grease remover. We have a razor but pull the blade do not push it. Kind
of saturate it pretty good. Take a rag then go in a circular motion. That
helps loosen this glue nicely! That’s why it’s still on here they leave it to us
to take it off! You can actually still see the decal. It kind of preserves the paint
behind it. Somebody down the road tried to get the decal off. All your black trim. I
can’t tell you enough tape it off because that compound is a bear to get
out of the groves! Get you some safety glasses on. And this is not a tool because if it
grabs a hold of an antenna or a mirror, this will come out of your hand and
possibly tear up your vehicle. You do not want to dry it out too much.
Edges: you stay on them too long with this and this you will take every bit of
paint off that edge! Pretty much tell when you’re ready for some more. It
starts getting shiny. Now I’m telling you all my secrets I’ll probably have a job
next week! This right here is one of the things that will get caught in this buffing wheel. Not Fun! “Mirror, mirror on the wall!” A little elbow grease and roughly half hour and a few supplies, you got a door that almost looks like new and you don’t have to drive around town with glue all down the side of your car! If
you have a piece of heavy equipment out there that needs refinished please look us
up at and if you like the videos we’ve been making, please
share and we appreciate everybody viewing! Thank You! Look at that pretty reflection
in there!