How to remove any deep stain on car paint || 1999 Toyota 4Runner

this is my car repair channel and today
we’re going to be trying to get some real deep berry stains off of the paint
of a white toyota 4runner these stains were really deeply embedded that just a
simple soapy wash couldn’t get out so I had to resort to different measures
measures like using McGuire’s rubbing compound that was recommended by a
friend so keep watching and you’ll see the effects and it worked out pretty good and there
really is no no stain left over once i use compound so once you rinse the water
off make sure it’s drive so when you are applying the compound water and compound
doesn’t really get mixed together so here we are Meguiar’s ultimate compound
for color color and clarity restore so the ultimate product for removing paint
effects and we’re looking at blemishes so you have two ways to apply this you
can either get a buffing wheel or you can get just a little uh pad from your
local auto parts store get it from amazon the links in the description and
I didn’t speed this part of the video up I wanted to make sure that you got the
full effect of how this compound worked so if I sped it up it seemed like it
would have either taking longer sure than it actually did so just apply some
pressure and rub until the stain comes out and the good thing about this
compound is it doesn’t actually rub the clear coat or the paint away it just
gets this surface spot off but at the end of the video we put a coat of Turtle
Wax on which helps protect the paint so you’ll get to see that here if you keep
watching so I’m just gonna play some music over
the next remaining couple spots i think i did two more and you can see how well
it worked yeah yeah so there you go on one side finished
putting the compound on i did another soapy water rinse and wash just to make
sure I got most of the count compound off before I apply the the wax so i’m
using the turtle wax the super hard shell it comes with the foam applicator
and i just did this just to add an extra protecting layer on the car go ahead and put it in circular motions
just go all the way around the area that you applied the compound to or you can
just do to your car so once you have it applied let it dry
for a couple minutes and then buff it out with a microfiber towel and then uh
you are good to go thanks for watching I appreciate it appreciate all you guys is
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thank you