How To: Remove a Sticker From Your Car

[Mechanical SFX] Hey everybody. Rene here from O’Reilly Auto Parts to show you how to safely remove a sticker
from your vehicle’s bumper, paint or glass. There are a few ways you can go
about this and today I’ll show you a couple of the most common. But, if you’re
not completely comfortable doing this yourself we’d be happy to recommend a
professional detailer in your area. First, try a heat gun to soften the adhesive.
You’ll want to hold your heat gun eight to twelve inches away from the sticker.
Move the heat side to side and up and down making sure never to leave it in
one spot for too long so you don’t damage the paint or bumper underneath.
Continue heating the sticker for a couple minutes or until you see a corner
begin to peel. After two to three minutes if you don’t see a corner start to lift
use your fingernail or a plastic razor blade to carefully begin peeling a
corner back. Always pull the sticker back over itself against the rest of the
sticker. Never pull straight up or down. Once it starts to peel continue to apply
heat as needed and slowly pull the sticker straight across against itself.
But never peel with one hand and apply heat with the other hand at the same
time. Keep your peeling hand free while heat is being applied to avoid burning
yourself. Let the area cool. Once the sticker is removed use spray adhesive
remover to clean up the residue of the old adhesive. Follow the specific
directions of the brand you choose. Removing this old glue could require
several applications of the adhesive remover. If you don’t have a heat gun but
you can get a corner of the sticker to start peeling use your spray adhesive
remover on the exposed portion of the sticker. Slowly pull the sticker back
against itself as the adhesive remover releases it from the vehicle. Continue to
apply the adhesive remover as needed as you peel the sticker back a little at a
time. Once the sticker is completely removed, use a terry cloth to wipe down
the area. If the sticker was on paint you may need to rewash and wax the area it
was removed from. And that’s it. You’ll find everything you need for this and other jobs at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store or Our
DIY videos are designed to help answer questions we get in our stores every day.
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