How to Read the Motor Vehicle Inspection Decal and Do a CDL Inspection

[TITLE: HOW TO READ THE MVI (MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION- DECAL AND DO A CDL PRE-TRIP INSPECTION | Pre Trip Inspection Smart] Hi there, Rick with Smart Drive Test talking
to you today about the MVI decal. All commercial vehicles have an MVI decal – the Motor Vehicle
inspection. Commercial vehicles have to have an annual inspection to ensure the safe operation
of the vehicle. School buses will have it every six months. And as part of your pre
trip inspection you have to ensure that the MVI decals–the safety decals–are valid.
If they are expired and you get pulled onto a scale, you’re going to get a fine. If you
get a fine, you’re going to end up working the day for free. And nobody wants to work
for free. We’ll be right back to talk to you about that. [INTRODUCTION & MUSIC] Hi there,
Rick, welcome back. Talking to you today about the MVI decal, or the safety decal that is
on all commercial vehicles. On tractor-trailer units, it’s on the passenger door, either down
on the little window down at the bottom as you can see here in the image, or it’s up
on the top of the passenger window. It’s kind of a pain if it’s up on the top of the passenger
window because if the window’s rolled down often times it can’t be seen. However, one
of those things that if they can’t put it on the door, they put it up on the passenger
window. If it’s on the trailer, it’s on the front passenger side corner, as you can see
here in the image. If it’s on a van, it’ll be on the front windshield on the passenger
side up in the top. If it’s on a bus, or school bus, it’ll be on the door. If there isn’t a
place they can put it near the passenger side, as you can see here in the image there’s a
little window on the side of the school bus and it’s there located on the side of the
school bus. For the most part, school buses and trucks will have an annual MVI (motor
vehicle inspection) that will be up to date. It’s unlikely that the truck or bus is going
to be out of date. Where you’re going to find an annual inspection sticker that is out of
date is on the trailer. So drivers operating truck and trailer unit, it is important to
check the sticker on the trailer. As well, how to read the sticker – how to know when
it expires. And this comes down to that ole’ saying: “When all else fails, read the directions.”
It’s right on the sticker. Expires the last day of the month shown. So you look for the
last day: some of them will cut it out to the last month. If it’s July, for example,
it’ll be July 31st of whatever year is shown on the expiry decal. So when all else fails,
read the decal, figure out what date it expires because you don’t want to call the company
and say: “Ah by the way, the MVI decal’s expired on this trailer!” And they say: “Ah…no it’s
not; it’s good to the end of the month.” So know that it’s always good until the end of
the month. If you want to be really technical about it, it’s 11:59pm at the end of the month.
One other piece of information that you need to know about the MVI decal is is as you can
see, there’s a number on it. The number corresponds to the paperwork in the truck. In the truck
there will be an MVI report that is part of the registration and licence of the vehicle.
There will be one for the truck and there will be one for the trailer. In the case of
a bus there will only be one. But for truck and trailer unit there will be one for the
trailer – it’ll be on the trailer, located with the paperwork for the trailer. The truck,
it’ll be inside the cab with the registration and insurance. When you get pulled into a
scale–when and if you get pulled into a scale–part of the paperwork that you have to take inside
is the MVI report for the truck and trailer. Or the MVI report, registration and licence
for the bus or other vehicle that you may have. All commercial vehicles have MVI decals.
All commercial vehicles have to have an annual or semi-annual inspection to ensure the safety
of the vehicle. As a commercial driver it is your responsibility to ensure that these
decals are up to date and valid. You cannot operate a vehicle that has an expired safety
decal. If the safety decal is expired, the vehicle is out-of-service and cannot be operated
until it has an annual inspection. I’m Rick with Smart Drive Test. Thanks for watching.
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