How To Quickly Remove Paint Imperfections – Hyundai Sonata – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys, how often have you come out to your
car to find that someone has drawn or wrote “wash me” in the dust of your car. That is the same case with this black Hyundai. Someone desided to write “wash me” and play
artist on the vehicle which is actually scratching the paint. I’m going to show you how to easily remove
them using the TORQ R Rotary Polisher. Now, a rotary polisher moves a lot faster
than a dual action so this will take it down faster with more professional results and
using less effort. Also to help me accomplisjh this we are going
to use Slick Finish Cleaner Wax. This is a wax that contains abrasives to knock
down the minor scratches in the paint while leaving behind a protective coat which really
brings out that black gloss. I’ll first shake up the bottle and like we
always do, we’re going to apply five dime size drops to the pad using a White Hex-Logic
Foam Pad which are great for finishing or using light abrasive final polishes to thoroughly
break down for the best results. I’m also going to spray some Pad Conditioner
on here to lubricate and moisturize the pad, because a rotary polsher generates a lot of
heat which can burn the paint. So, by reducing the friction we are preventing
the chances of harming the finish. I’m going to blotch it out in a small two
by two section. What’s unique about the rotary is whenever you turn this on or off you do it off the vehicle. Unlike a dual action where you’d place it
on the vehicle to turn it on, this is the exact opposite. This is so you won’t create a micro scratch
or swirl in the paint. we’re going to turn it on to the lowest speed
setting to spread it out then speed three to polish. So, after thoroughly working the polish into
the affected area, we’re going to take a clean microfiber towel and start buffing it off. This is the Green Happy Ending Towel which
is super plush and it also has a laser cut edge to insure that we don’t add new imperfections
to the paint. Placing it on the vehicle and working back
and forth in straight lines. It comes off nice and easy because there is
little residue left behind and that wax adds to a high shine. Buff it all off and I can see that it has
taken care of the scratches and swirls for a smooth reflective surface. It was super easy, the rotary doesn’t take
a lot of effort to work with. In the old days these machines were a monster
to work with and beat you up but this one is really comfortable to use. It’s really quiet so it doesn’t take a toll
on yourself and without that trigger it isn’t a fatigue on your hands so you don’t cramp
up as you’re polishing. So if you guys want to learn more about these
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