How To Protect Black Wheels and Make Painted Wheels Shine – Chemical Guys Black Wax – Lamborghini

Welcome to Detail Garage. So today we have this Lamborghini Avantador and it looks amazing! So now it’s time for us to focus on the wheels a little bit. So the wheels are a nice high gloss black finish. To contrast the matte black paint here. These wheels are fairly new. They look really nice. They’re nice and cleaned up. So now it’s time for us to bring out a lot more shine, a lot more protection. So usually I would use Max Coat Wheel Guard. Max Coat Wheel Guard is a nice coating that you would add onto these wheels. It’s pretty simple. It’s easy on, easy off. It prevents brake dust from from building up and it makes maintenance a lot easier to clean. So this Lamborghini has a carbon ceramic braking system. So it doesn’t necessary generate enough brake dust. So we aren’t really worring about brake dust or protecting the wheels. We’re more interested in the look of it. So we are going to be using our black paste wax here. So Black Wax is originally meant for any black painted surface. Such as the black surface on a vehicle. But we found out that if we use them for the wheels as well, it actually gives a nice cool effect, it gives a nice deep black finish. So we are going to use our Black Wax instead of Wheel Guard. So what you want to do is open up the pot. And you’ll see this nice dark putty right here. So what you do is get your applicator… just dab it in… get a nice amount and start working onto the wheel itself. This wax here… applies just like any other wax. Just like Max Coat Wheel Guard or any other wax for a vehicle. So you want to spread it evenly throughout the surface. Making sure you don’t miss any kind of areas. And this is a synthetic wax as well, it does not contain any kind of carnuaba wax. And because it’s synthetic, it last a lot longer. And it also have UV protectants built within it so… the sun is not necessarily going to damage it. And because it is synthetic it’s going to last longer and give it a nice high shine. Alright perfect! So now that I applied Black Wax to this, I’m going to allow 15 minutes for it to haze up so we can get a nice durable bond. So while this is hazing up, I’m go ahead and hit the other wheels. We’ll be back in 15 minutes and it’s time to buff off. So it’s been about 15 minutes and it’s time for us to buff off the wax. So you can see it has a nice haze over it so it means it’s ready. So I’m gonna grab my Happy Ending here, my black one; to match the car, of course. And simply start buffing off. And as I’m buffing off I feel, the surface is a lot more slick and I see a nice high shine. So I’m going to get in between these spokes here. Start buffing it off. So there you go the wheel is nice and shiny. It has a nice durable coating of UV protection, so it gives it a nice high gloss. So remember you can always do Wheel Guard. Wheel Guard is definitely help these wheels look a lot better, but if you want to the ultimate experience for the black color, there is only one choice and that’s Chemical Guys Black Wax.