How To Properly Clean & Protect Matte/Satin/Suede Finish Paint & Wraps! – Chemical Guys

– What’s up, everybody? Welcome to another episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. As you can tell by the title today, we’re tackling the topic of how
to protect your matte finish and that’s why we have
our smart car out here which we’ve already washed using some Meticulous Matte Auto Wash. If you’re unfamiliar with
matte satin finishes, they’re very sensitive
to any kinds of soap that have wax in there. So this, right here,
doesn’t add any sheen. All it simply does is
remove any kind of dust, bird droppings, or anything
else that’s abrasive, off the surface without scratching it. Also, matte surfaces are very sensitive and if they’re scratched
there’s no way of removing it without actually repainting it or in the case of our Smart
Car, re-wrapping it. Now the wrap on this car is actually fairly old but it looks really nice because it’s protected
frequently using our Jet Seal matte and, again,
this is something specific for matte satin finishes which you can use on any kind of painted surfaces,
you can use it on wraps, you can use it on matte wheels, all to give it that
durable layer of protection for up to 12 months but
this isn’t gonna add any gloss or any sheen. All you have to do is
simply shake up the bottle and apply to an applicator
’cause you can’t do this by machine, again, any
kind of machine polishers has the potential to polish or cut which will change the sheen, change the effect of your matte. So doing it by hand: one,
is going to cover every inch of the surface because
you know you covered it, but also, it’s going to prevent any kind of damage to the surface. So now we’ll just apply a couple lines to our applicator pad. This is a simple
microfiber applicator pad. Which is great for applying your favorite glaze, sealant, waxes, just to give you a very fine, even coat. Now we’ll go over to the vehicle and we’re gonna spread it out and then just give it a very fine layer because if you’re new to the
channel or if you’re new to applying any kind of coatings, just the initial layer is
gonna be binding to the surface so you don’t wanna have
a huge glob of it or basically a huge mess
so just a very fine coat is gonna save you effort,
saves you product, it’s also going to be
the most effective way and most efficient way
of coating your vehicle. So I’ll go back and
forth, and I like to use a cross hatching pattern just to make sure that it’s thoroughly
worked into the surface. And this only takes about
ten minutes to bond. So after that time frame we’ll come back and buff off the excess. But as you can see, you
don’t want a very heavy film, just a very light coat. Let it cure to the
surface then buff it off with a clean microfiber towel. So, as you see, a little
bit goes a long way. This entire hood has been coated. And also, a question I
get commonly asked is, if you mix up the Jet
Seals can you apply it to surfaces like your
headlights, your glass, or any gloss surfaces. Jet Seal matte is kind of universal. It’ll work for gloss and matte. But the thing is that the regular Jet Seal enhances gloss, gives you
more of a shinier effect, while this is just basically
going to protect the surface. So again, we’re gonna let
this sit for about 10, maybe 15 minutes, then
we’ll buff off the excess. In the meantime, we’ll work our way around the rest of the vehicle
so that it cures evenly. Also a common area that
people have trouble with is on decals or vinyl
lettering such as we have on the side of the door here. This is vinyl wrap with a
vinyl sticker on top of it. So we still wanna protect it so it’s going to have that same sheen,
same layer of protection. This is a great way to prevent any kind of peeling or fading. But what I’ve done here is
I’ve worked the Jet Seal matte into the applicator so
you’re not getting buildup and we’ll just start
here on the higher points and work our way around, just kinda gently massaging it into the decal. But a great way to prevent any
kind of buildup or high spots is to either work with
the flow of the graphic or the sticker or you can
work back from the edge. This way it’s not building up along this and it dries in there then it’s kinda hard to get that back off. But, again, we’re just gonna
apply it to the surface, give it that same timeframe to cure, and then buff off the excess. After waiting a little over 10 minutes, we’re going to take a happy
ending microfiber towel and buff off the excess. And to help us do that,
we’re also gonna be using some Meticulous Matte quick detail spray. This is also a spray sealant
which is perfect in between your details to help you, one, enhance some of that protective ability, and also this is going to help remove
anything that’s on the surface. So it’s great if you’re out for a cruise or you got a car that has matte or that is painted or if it’s wrapped. You want something to remove
dust off of the surface very gently, so again,
you’re not scratching it. This is a perfect product for you. Just simply toss in the trunk or keep it in your detailing bag. This way you have it on hand at all times. Now this is where it comes in
handy having that fine coat. Like I mentioned earlier,
applying it by hand or machine, you wanna
make sure that it’s not a thick, very heavy layer,
just a very thin coat. This is going to save you product, saves you time, but, as
you can see right now, it buffs off very easily
with little effort. And now you’ve got that
clean, crisp matte finish. So if you guys have a
matte car or matte wrap, matte paint, whatever it is, and you wanna learn more about these products, head over to our website, Pick it up at your local detail garage. If you like this video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to comment down below any other things you guys wanna see. And so we’ll see you guys next time right here in the detail garage.