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(bass thumping) – What’s up everybody? Happy Friday and thanks
so much for tuning in for today’s episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Now a lot of people ask us, what’s the best way or the proper way to maintain their coatings? And that’s why we have this
beautiful BMW E36 in the shop because in our previous videos, you’ve seen us polish this, protect it using Carbon Flex C9. And now we’re going to
show you the proper way to protect your coating
whether it is carbon or ceramic or if you’re just looking to give your car some more
hydrophobe properties. So today, we brought it in here and we gently washed it
off using our Hydro Suds which adds a silica- based product to enhance your coatings
as well as rejuvenate it. But it’s also adding hydrophobe properties which helps repel any kind of water spots. It gives you more water beading action. But again, it’s going to
help enhance your coating so that it lasts as long as possible. Carbon Flex C9 can last several years on properly maintain it and this is one of the best products to do that. Or even if you’re trying to
rejuvenate your hydro charge, this is a great way to again, help repel any kind of harmful UV rays, it kind of helps to again,
rejuvenate the coatings and even if you don’t use
one of our brand coatings this is also safe for any kind of ceramic. And this is also a great way to lay down a thick layer of suds. Then we follow it up with
our Carbon Flex Vitalize. And what this is going to do
is add a fine layer of sealant. But again, this is going
to help add the nutrients to your coating so again, it
can last as long as possible. But it’s also a gloss. And this is also a great way to help when you’re doing your drying process, this is more of a drying aid. So if you spray it on the surface, it helps to break the water tension between the water
droplets and the surface. This way it can be gently wiped away. Now you can also keep a
bottle of this in your car so that your car can be clean, you know, looking its best at all times. Whether your going to a show, you just got back from a cruise or even if it sits in the garage. So again, you can simply
spray this onto to the surface and the sealant it going to
add more protective properties to your coating and it’s also going to help gently remove anything
that’s on the surface. Whether it be dust, water
spots, bird droppings and again, any kind of contamination. Now this is a great way to keep your car, like this BMW, looking it’s
best for as long as possible. Because, even ceramic
coats are going to fail and the best way to help
give it as long as possible is by using the right products
and the right techniques. Now in the video today, you
saw us using a Foam Blaster which you can use with your Hydro Suds. You can also use a foam cannon
to lay down thicker suds, but if you’re confined to noise restraints or maybe just don’t have a
budget for a foam cannon, a foam gun is a great way to go or, even if you want to use your
traditional wash bucket. And also you saw us washing
our car outside here. This is a rather cool day and we’re also working in the shade. People as us, is it okay
to wash in direct sunlight? It is fine when you’re
using a pH balanced soap. But also we recommend
doing this in the cooler, early morning or the later evening hours. Or if you can work in
the shade of the building or if you don’t have the
access or the ability to wash in early or late evening hours, it’s best to work in the
shade of the building. What this is called is
the triangle of the shade. So basically, have the
edge of the building and the sun is coming from this way so we have this triangle that
we’re parked in right now. So this going to block us
from any kind of UV rays or any kind of harmful elements that are going to dry
the soap on the surface giving us some kind of awful effect. So guys, if you like these products, check them out on our
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