How To Prevent Rust – Protect Your Chassis With Internal Frame Coating – Eastwood

today nice with garage want to talk
about internal frame coding a lot of newer vehicles have problems with the
frames Russell really fast or maybe you’re restoring a car to clean
up the entire outside of the frame and you want to make sure the frame doesn’t
rust from the inside out that’s where you need to an internal
frame coding what we’ve got here is a tacoma about 10 years old the frame already rusted so bad you
never had a new frame put under it well the rest of the trucks in really
good shape he wants to make sure that this frame less so we did was we took
internal frame coding spread in all the box tubing sections of the frame and
then we took some rubberized undercoating and coated the outside of
it and the rest of the parts that are see child now if you have a vehicle that you’ve
been driving for a few years maybe it’s already starting to rust you use the same basic technique
internal frame coding and all the box tubing sections and then on the other
section to have a little bit of surface rough maybe some Eastwood rubberized rust
encapsulator or just regular rough encapsulator now i’ll show you how we
took care of this truck yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now you’ve seen internal frame coding in
action got some tips on how to use it click the button to visit
get yours today yeah ok yeah