How To Polish Powder Coating -l Keep Your Coated Parts Shining Bright! Eastwood

and facebook i’m randy here in the East
garage and today we’re going to be discussing our powder coating polish and
we’re going to show it to you in action it’s a brand new product from eastwood
and that’s why we want to show today we want you guys to be the first to see it
in action we’re going to clean up this this timing chain cover so be four we
get into that let’s go to some other things if you guys have any comments or
questions make sure you ask them in the comments section will try to answer them
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coating polish being used today a brand new product or so we’re going to share
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coating is today all right so um if you’re if you’re
doing a lot of powder coating you’re probably use some polish if
you’re not into powder coating you’re going to stick with us today because we
want to go over all the powder coating supplies that are available right here
at Eastwood and we’re going to show you why powder coating so good and so
durable and why you’re probably going to want to use it on not only restoration
but maybe some things around the home so let’s get started first thing we’ll
bring the camera in and check out this timing chain cover that was done with
our trends seen the video on that so as you can see
it’s it’s been handed a lot this is this timing chain cover is a display that we
use a lot of shows it’s been it seemed in vegas it’s been I don’t know if i can it’s
hard to really it is it’s really hang there’s scratches all over just from
being handled and shipped around fact I believe we shouldn’t the oven 400 it even if you didn’t by eastwood
powders if you bought your powder somewhere else how you can redeem yourself today by
getting Eastwood powder coating polish to clean up that powder and just make
sure you know in the future get all your powders from Eastwood so it’s really simple to use shake it a
little bit this is probably the hardest part of the job by the hardest part of
all powder coating actually got a little damp rag here take the damp rag squeeze
a little bit of polish on it set this right here and just a little
circles near you want to clean I said I’m going to do about a quarter
of this timing chain cover today just little circles you said this thing has been havent this
timing chain cover has been handed a lot because it’s been used it at
demonstrations just to show off or translucent powder and how how cool it
looks this was done over chrome is a Crone
timing chain cover and translucent powder looks really good when it’s
sprayed over current so and if you’re looking for the video and I all you
gotta do is go to our YouTube channel we’ve got about a thousand videos and
we’ve got a lot on powder coating is so easy so popular so durable so if you
just go to youtube and search Eastwood powder coating you’ll find you’ll
probably find some videos other people did so what so you just want to hear us
talking about it you’re also going to get you know anybody from the home
hobbyist assume are some of the most famous builders out there you know that
are using our products alright so i think it’s pretty good so
while that dries and let that dry and to an ice haze and while it’s drying we’ve got a couple minutes here or
waiting for that i’m going to show you some of our powder coating supplies so
we got here is our dual voltage gone if you’re going to buy a powder coating
gonna get started a deck definitely recommend a dual
voltage Con because a regular gun you have a problem with the Faraday cage
effect and just just avoid that altogether you want to get better
coverage with a dual voltage gone and they’re still very reasonably priced
just go to just go powder coating you’re gonna find find the gun
it’s simple to use the powder comes in these containers you can just unscrew
and put it in or just film about half way with powder I gotta do is connect the ground pull
the trigger and push the button and your powder coating just comes out a little
pups you only need about 10 psi so you’re
you’re you hardly need you don’t need much of a compressor to powder coat
which is why it’s so easy so we’ll go over here to show you some of our other
supplies pre-painting prep it’s great not only for painting but for
powder coating we’ve got some high temperature tape
right here because when you powder coat you want to putting the part in the oven ir thermometer it’s great for testing we offer a small oven with like you see
here but if you’re doing bigger part you’re going to want to probably get
either heat lamps or an old electric oven and not always are they accurate
because they said at 450 degrees which is typical for powder coating and then
you put the part into it flows out and when it flows out you can usually set it at 400 degrees
for about another 20 minutes well this is going to let you you know
test your oven to make sure it’s at the temperature it says it is and as well as
you know test apart to see what temperature it set and we have these
high temperature plugs so if you’re doing anything where you
don’t want the powder to get in we got a bag is a big kit so you can get that
hundreds I guess over a hundred colors of powder
we’re always adding more powders not only miss you can get bigger sizes too
and just about any color you want I guess that and as well as this you get
translucence and other colors and here’s our powder coating oven it’s really it’s really nice of them for
doing small parts there’s another shelf it’s really easy
to use which is actually right here on our powder coating stand which is a cool
little item that believes private new in the last year such as you can see you
can attach the rack so you can powder coat right on it take the
rack off and just put the rack right in the oven so you never have to touch the
part if it’s a real small part you can actually hang it from one of these wires
if you want and just put it up high and all hang and speaking of that that’s another nice
thing about powder coat and say your powder coating your painting I carry a
wet edge we’re going to look good he actually bump into it screwed up you
know right now you’re starting over powder you powder it’s something happens
actually bump into it like to do blow it off with an air hose and just start over
again so powder coating is is great for that and this powder coating stand and a
minute here i’m going to show you why how it’s so durable little test we
recently did so the powder coating since they want to paint you can just take
this clip off the whole lot out if you don’t like that and you can put this one
on it’s got a bunch of hangers to clamp it on you can hang stuff if you want to
paint so so it’s not only good for powder coating also use it as a pink
stand so i was saying the powder coating is really durable so let’s take a little let’s take a look at a test we did a
little while back a lot of you may have seen this this video this footage
actually on YouTube where we sprayed powder on a piece of aluminum foil and
also on some some cute panels as you can see that when I was just hit was paint
and this one is power so if you look at it the one on the
right thats painted it’s blistered off but the one on the left sample is that all it actually just
stretched the power stretched and here it is on aluminum foil so you can you ball up the aluminum foil
flatten it back out and it it doesn’t even fall off it’s that it’s that it’s that durable
you can actually ball it up flatten it out and that’s I mean that’s just a
little example that people like to see your show how durable it is as compared
to paint with the paint would typically flake off so and like i said if you’re
in it you know if you want to get into powder coating just visit where we have
pretty much all the supplies that you’re going to want and there’s a lot of kids
– they’re going to save your money so I like this looks like it’s trying to a
haze if we can get the camera back in here a wipe off you can see this little
corner that I did we got this ok you can see right there somewhere dry
. now with it with a dry towel and you can actually use a buffer to do this if
you want but it’s pretty easy by hand and I’m a pretty good shape so it
doesn’t really you know it doesn’t really tire me out too much so all right well it does look pretty good
in sound surprised huh so there so you can see we get this
isn’t always easy in here in this look right I can try to stick with me for a minute
here there we go you can see the top right here it’s all scratched and how
shiny blue shiny the bottom is here and smooth and look at all these little fine
scratches that are up there but down here you know it looks really out there we go the bottom half looks really good and well using thing you do avoid is chrome powder and a
single-stage metallic but all there – your own fenders and thursdays are
brand-new intermix system brand new East what you’re going to want
to check that out because we’re because not only going to see our brand-new
paint system you’re actually going to see we are actually giving away a
concourse pro two gun set so you get a detailed gun and your
regular gun to go to spray everything from your epoxy primer is all if you’re
clear codes colors everything so I guess that’s it for today oh I guess you check to see if I have
any questions if there is none right now you can continue to ask questions
because well we can actually post them well she post answers what we could
actually pose answers a later today so just keep the questions comment and then
on and bring back Kevin then we’ll talk yeah Devon Tate’s if you we have a lot
of good videos with Kevin including he was actually the hands you still on that
powder coating demo and if you want to check out painting if you want to learn
how to paint check out east would just look up
eastwood Kevin Tate’s painting his nineteen seventy come out Zedd sled you
can really learn how to paint a car from that video and ok if there’s any other
questions when i try to get it get to him later thanks again for joining us and I hope
this powder coating polish will help you with your projects