How to polish Honda original paintwork (sticky paint)

Hi there! Welcome to another episode of OSREN’s Polishing Tips I’m Henry & today I’m gonna show you how to polish Sticky Paintwork Before that, let me explain what Sticky Paintwork is about In the industry, we call this Sticky Paint is because, when you use a polish to polish it The polish will gum up and it’s
hard to work the polish, and it’s even harder to buff off the polish residue Alright, I’m going to explain to you in a while how this type of Paintwork works and I’m gonna show you the right combination on how to deal with this kind of paintwork Alright! So, I’ll be working on a black Honda CR-Z, factory painted I’ll begin polishing and you will
see how Sticky Paint reacts to the norm. So, a little bit of polish there Now, if you are using a rotary and the polish that feels like… you see it like this…alright…I don’t know how to explain… It’s as though…The polish is working weirdly…and… it doesn’t really clear up…so…. ya, you know that this paint is a little bit sticky, and when you take a towel & buff, alright… It’s actually harder to buff off the
residue… All these, alright, it takes a little bit more effort to clean it up, alright… so, ya…and…the swirls are not not completely polished off whereas, if I were working
on another paintwork, it’s…it works easier… So, if you meet with this kind
of paint, the ideal thing to do is…. Grab a DA, alright? An orange pad with our Perfect Cut 20…Now, Perfect Cut
20 is a polish designed to work on Sticky Paint like this Alright, you have some polish
residue there…but…it comes off easily… And all the swirl marks are gone! Alright! So, what happened just now was, I used the rotary polisher and another of our polish to polish the lower section of our bonnet And at that time, I felt that the polishing process is a little bit “grabby” and the polishing oils are harder to remove. And it actually…it left quite a mess there… and even the swirls are not gone…that’s the effect of Sticky Paint So, this is not the ideal combination I then moved on to the upper
section of the bonnet I used a Dual Action Polisher instead with Lake Country’s Orange Pad and our Perfect Cut 20 Now, it actually gave me a very smooth buffing feel The polishing oils are cleared up very easily and all the swirls are gone! So, this is definitely my ideal choice for Sticky Paint! So, what makes Perfect Cut 20 different from other polishes? Alright, basically it’s engineered with a milder and lower amount of solvents to give
it a shorter working time So, with a shorter working time, with that being said, basically the polish is able to remove all the swirl marks before the heat builds up on the paint which causes other polishes to gum up So this one gets it done quickly, and yup! I just got cut from my last scene But anyway, here it goes…If you like this video, please press the “Like” button If you have not subscribed to our channel, please do so, as more tips on polishing and detailing coming your way!