How To Paint Your Car – DIY Car Painting Program

How To Paint Your Car – DIY Car Painting Program If you want to bang out Amazing auto body and paint projects quickly and easily then please pay attention to what I’m about to tell you My name is Tony and I’ve been working on cars my entire life and I’d like to show you exactly how you can start Restoring or customizing your projects easily and in the shortest time with my 72 hours of done for you and step-by-step auto body and paint training videos Listen closely most guides videos and magazines an auto body repair are complete garbage This skip over many parts and the instructions are often unclear or wrong No wonder why Auto Body can seem so hard the truth is I’ve spent hundreds of hours online reading magazines and watching videos Most of them just left me with more questions than answers So I’ve spent the last three years putting together the most comprehensive auto body and paint training course with a clear Detailed and in a step-by-step learning format that didn’t leave anything to imagination This is gonna change the way you look at auto body and paint repair forever Introducing the learn auto body and paint VIP course and private community the complete package of over 72 hours of step-by-step Do-it-yourself auto body training videos. Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn You’ll learn dent repair spot panel repair blending complete color change rust repair sheet metal spot welding fiberglass repairs body kit modification painting and installation I’ll even show you how to properly install lambo doors and drop your ride if that’s what you’re looking for I’ll cover how to paint with all types of paints and primers such as base coat clear coat systems waterborne synthetic enamel acrylic enamel 2k primers lacquer primer and I’ll even show you how to paint with pearl metal flake and candies Everything you can think of I’ve got it what’s more every section comes with an incredible support form that makes your learning experience and personalized action steps easy and hassle free I’ll hold your hand and guide you every step of the way The learn auto body and paint course is designed to get the job done quickly inexpensively and with professional Results every time all of my step-by-step training manuals in videos are easy to follow You don’t need to have any fancy auto body skills or high-dollar tools to get the job done, right? So let me break this down for you with that l ABAP VIP course You’ll never have to deal with incomplete steps again say goodbye to the stress and frustration that comes with Auto Body You’ll be able to repair paint and customize whatever you want complete it quickly in just hours You’ll save money and time on your next project by doing it right the first time, but that’s not all when you order the Pleat a tizzy Auto Body guide this colored manual will walk you through a complete color change paint job with easy step-by-step instruction, so $197 value Bonus to our three specialized step-by-step manuals The first manual is automotive graphic design tips and tricks You’ll learn how to paint flames and graphics fast manual to is the easy guide to paintless dent repair how to get started quickly and on budget book 3 is the estimators guide this short and simple guide will show you how to use your new skills for Profit how to make easy money from home by refinishing small or large side jobs. All of these books are worth an easy 147 bonus 3 you get free lifetime access to all new auto body and paint project videos that I upload to the LAV AP VIP members area and we’re constantly updating the website That’s a three ninety seven dollar value and like I said You get lifetime access to that bonus for you Get the private forum and Facebook group access you get to interact with like-minded and knowledgeable VIP members Upload your photos and videos to instantly get feedback on your unique projects It’s a live and thriving community and you’ll never be left out in the cold anymore. That alone is 297. That’s practically 1038 dollars just in bonuses when you order the LAV AP VIP course today Look, I have literally spent years creating this course there are thousands of people just like you from all parts of the world that are Already taking advantage of this amazing training right now and you won’t find anything like this anywhere else in fact I’ve been a professional auto body man and painter now for almost 18 years and I’ve seen nothing like this for less than tens of thousands of dollars So here’s the reason for this special test deal I just revenge everything that you see here in the learn auto body and paint VIP members area and I’m looking for new and current Testimonials I want your feedback and if you promise to send me a before-and-after picture or even a video Testimony on how much you love my new program. I’m willing to let you take it today for a ridiculous one-time investment So here’s the deal I’m offering you my love it or shove it sixty day money-back guarantee When you test drive the lav AP VIP course out today Place your risk-free order today and get instant access to over 72 hours of anything auto body in paint You get my Manuel’s videos all of my added bonuses try them for a full 60 days And if for some reason you think it’s not for you simply email me or my support girl beetrice To get a prompt and courteous refund no questions Asked heck. I’ll even let you keep all of the bonuses on the house just for giving this a try So why not? Try this out? This is more than just a guarantee It’s a personal promise to you read on below and place your risk-free order today. Let’s start restoring customizing and painting your projects Effortlessly and on time every time are you ready? I’ll see you on the inside