How to paint your brake calipers DIY

(Intro music) Moog: Welcome to another episode of Mighty Mods. Today we’re going to teach you how to paint your brake calipers red, ’cause your car’s going to go faster. Marty: Right, so these are the bits you’ll need: Wheel brace, axle stands to jack the car up, you need masking tape and paper to mask off so you don’t get over-spray. We’re going to steam clean our calipers, if you don’t have a steam cleaner it’s fine. And finally, the paint. You need high temperature, uh, brake caliper, drum, and rotor paint. (Can rattling) Moog (voice): The first thing to do is take of the wheels, so Marty’s going to jack the car up and put some axle stands under there for safety. This is what the brake caliper looks like before it’s painted. (music) Moog (voice): With all four wheels removed and the car up on axle stands, it’s time to get out the steam cleaner, and get rid of most of the grime from the calipers. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, just use a brush and some warm water. And look at how much intergalactic grime is dripping off those calipers! Moog (voice): The brake calipers are looking pretty clean, so it’s time to mask up the car and get it ready for painting. Make sure you do good coverage all around the wheel arch, as well as behind the brake calipers. Marty: We’re using a heat gun to make sure the calipers are totally dry before we paint them. Moog (voice): We’re using wax and grease remover to make sure the calipers are totally clean so we get a better finish in the end. Moog (voice): When you’re masking, it’s important to cover the rubber, pads, hoses, and any moving parts of the brake system. And the best masking was done by our work experience girl. With the calipers as clean as we can get them, and everything masked up really well Marty’s starting to paint. Now he’s going to do four coats, and he’s going to get slightly heavier each coat. But don’t go over the top, ’cause you don’t want the paint to run. Moog (voice): And while I was still working, Marty started signing autographs. Moog (voice): It’s looking awesome! (music) Marty: So we’ve done four coats on each caliper, now it’s time to take all our masking off. Moog (voice): And the fans are pretty happy about that! The paint should be touch-dry in three hours, but for best results, leave it overnight. Marty: So, if you missed any bits when you were masking, you can any over-spray off with some emery paper. Moog (voice): And it should look something like this: It’s time to put the wheels back on and take it for a drive. (music) Moog (voice): Now, we reckon it looks amazing, and we’re not the only ones! On the way home, the chase car got this amazing footage of a girl screaming her number to Marty! Moog (voice): Two hours of your time and fifty bucks later you go from this: to this: Moog: So there you have it! Scientific tests have shown conclusively that cars with red brake calipers go faster. Moog: What do you recon, Marty?
Marty: Yeah, they look… they look faster. Moog: They look heaps faster!
Marty: Yeah. Moog: (race car noises) Marty: Psshh