How To Paint Vintage Beetle Wheels – 1956 Oval Window Rag-top – Volkswagen BUG | JW Classic VW

Hey guys what’s going on! It’s Jason with JW Classic VW, and we are coming at you again with another weekend, another vlog.
Working on our Volkswagens right guys in the garage having fun! It’s beautiful
outside sunny so I’ll probably go for a cruise first but what are we doing today
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and enable notifications guys all right so what are we doing today we’re gonna
be doing some fun a little bit of beautification let me show you what
we’re working on turn the cam around and let’s get over there so first things
first my wireless mic and their battery guys so we’re doing a directional mic
haha hope you guys enjoy so you don’t need much today cuz worse we do a little
bit of a beautification thing a little bit of changing to the styling on
goose’s wheels because I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve
been wanting to do it in its beautiful day today and I’m waiting on parts to
come in for other projects that we got going on you know Brakes and Kaffer bar
and yeah all kinds of good stuff coming soon guys on JW classic VW but today all
you need is some etch primer and the color of choice that you want to go
ahead and do with your wheels and for me I’m going on for a little bit of a
vintage look now stock vintage would actually be white like true bright white
but I want to kind of match the interior color that I used on my trim for my my
wheels and some but not wheels sorry interior stuff of my seats yeah there we
go that’s what I was thinking man not enough coffee this morning
so what are we doing this in then of course you gonna need some sort of tape
masking tape to make this happen so first thing I got to do is clean up my
wheels and uh do a little taping off and yeah show you guys what I got going on
so let’s move over to the car and show what’s going on oh yeah I almost forgot
you’re also gonna need some sandpaper Let’s see what do we got here
220, I got a 100 and 220. should be good we’ll start with a
100 then move to the 220 it’s really a rough sanding guys because the paint’s
a great shape there’s not even rust there so we’re gonna rough up the paint
that’s already on the wheels that we want to paint and we should be good to
go so moving order the car guys let’s go It’s a cold start with a BIG ENGINE guys
you hear that thing! You want to go take a look? look don’t think I look while she is warming up! Sounds Good! Yeah, Fuel pressure is good too. really digging this new fuel pressure gauge it’s working out great price great Great Price! Great Gauge! so yeah you can wait let those some kind
of dry those off for you but I’m gonna go ahead and grab a towel real quick and
just kind of clean it up and help accelerate that process a little bit
yeah so go here and dry this off a little bit
and then we can start taping off the areas that we want to go ahead and stand
down and paint and I always like to tape off the areas before I stay in down the
areas I want to paint because the tape helps me stay within the lines I’m kind
of defining so I’ll show you guys that here in a second
all right hey guys taking away from the video for one
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now back to video Wow so the area that we’re painting in is
written here is stripping here and the outer rim right there this kind of lip
so what wouldn’t go ahead and do and take all is hmm
William people will just do this area I don’t know yeah I think we’re just gonna
do the inner area so I’m gonna tether tape off this here and then this I’m not
gonna worry about because I get anything overspray here I’m not too concerned so
I just want to tape up this area here so I can stand down in here let’s go ahead
and knock that out and doing little small strips alright guys got it both all taped up so
now we got to do some sanding and I’m gonna go ahead and get that knocked out
and be right back actually guys in a second once I
finished that sanding you all should know how that works back and forth back
and forth all right I said a minute whew okay I
got two of them done you want take a look real quick let me turn you around
and show you what they look like all right so here’s one it still look a lot
different once I got the up cap on to here’s the draft side it kind of gives
the wheel a totally different look I don’t know if I date yet or not but I’ll
let you know more once I get the hubcap on but it’s definitely looking different
get these back wheels off and get started on the rear end it’s frame
around there which covers are really nice my first one that I did as a motor
spray out here that I had some degreaser but it came right off as long as you do
it pretty quick so what I got to do now is sit with couple coats of paint and
I’m gonna shake this up for about three or four minutes and then it’s gonna be
two to three coats I’ve been doing two coats so far two coats of light light
coats of the what is this it’s almond almond uh gloss and we should be good to
go and then go ahead get the back wheels long I like it so far so so you guys in
a minute be back right after I get those coats down but actually I’ll you watch
that I forget to take a look Kim in this guy’s face about that that type it’s
seven seven zero almond yeah it’s good stuff man I use it on all
of the interior to inside of the inside of the bug like the frames for all my
seats and stuff yeah work out really good check out the description below if
you’re curious about buying a can I’m uh link a link in the description to my
is on affiliate account so as always guys I am an Amazon affiliate so if you
do buy anything that you see down there in the description I will get a little
bit of connect which helps out the channel and buy new parts and supporting
this content thank you guys appreciate it alright about ten minutes all right on
to the second coat nice thick coats on this coat I kind of do a sweeping
motion up provide really good coverage now I make this right side that’s it
move it outside so can dry up I’m go ahead get up y’all so let’s say you are taking this stuff
off and I got some like little bit of dust and dirt kind of like right here
don’t try to get it off with your fingers wait till it completely dries
and hardens then you can kind of knock it off a lot easier that way yeah 30 minutes for is enough gift get buried there you so that was definitely definitely
interesting I would say by the fourth wheel I kind of head it down but it took
a few practice wheels to get there so I like the color if you want to change the
look of your wheels or you want to change the color your wheels and you get
a Saturday set aside to do it I would say that it’s definitely worth it I like
the look and I’m gonna show you guys here in a second how she turned out Brittany okay that’s Badou for today we just
thought it’d be like two hours but it took a little bit longer now more like
about four hours that go ahead and get that those wheels painted now being is
my first time painting wheels there was a few things that that were you know
kind of unexpected I had a little bit of off on that deadline from the little
tape line from the center so I’m thinking about using like a there’s a a
fine strip of maybe red or black to kind of like to find that line a little bit
better like a little paintbrush and just run a nice fine line around there and I
should clean that up pretty good but we’ll see maybe not I am playing on the
idea of getting powder-coated to eventually but you know this is easier
and what if I want to change the paint color I haven’t known changed my mind I
think sometimes for sure and well that’s pretty much it for today guys I wanted
how to get out there a little bit of crews in maybe take my kids get some ice
cream that’s always fun and go to chemo car show show off goose because she
likes to be show enough alright guys this is jason with jay SS VW and I will
see you guys on the next one bye